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How to do when office supplies smell bad?

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How to do when office supplies smell bad?

Previously, we have given you a lot of knowledge about indoor formaldehyde, but we also spend a lot of time at home, while our office is also the most frequently visited place. The quality of the office environment is an important factor that affects our work efficiency and can often be ignored. Office space is more closed, no ventilation, office supplies in the office to emit the smell is difficult to ensure the quality of air, if the office supplies in the office also have this smell, but also very pungent, in this case we should do?

A. Sources of odor

(1) office appliances odor mainly from the interior of the plate and the surface of the wood paint, they release slowly and the release cycle is also relatively long, so the removal of furniture odor has always had a problem, that is, can only remove the release of surface pollution, and can not deeply remove the internal pollution, which will lead to purification treatment, after a while the smell may come out again

2. office sofa. Office sofa in most of the support material by the pine (or miscellaneous wood) + multi-layer board (or particle board, density board), this part of the wood material is possible to emit the smell.

Upholstery filling by sponge, latex, down, silk, these materials are also emitting smell.The bottom frame support bandage and backing cloth, also will have a smell.

Finally, the fabric (or leather) will also emit the smell

3. curtains in the office. Curtains to ensure the privacy of the office. But there is formaldehyde in the curtains.

Material is different, natural fibers are not released to our health odor, while chemical fiber curtains will give off a lot of uncomfortable unnatural taste.

Processing process is different, natural fiber curtains, in order to prevent shrinkage, wrinkling, will add resin containing formaldehyde, which is also one of the reasons for the curtains to produce irritating smell.

In order to be beautiful, in the process of production, but also printing, printing, need to add pigments, in order to prevent decolorization, there is the addition of formaldehyde containing adhesives.

The above is about the office supplies in the office odor is very heavy or the amount of formaldehyde contained in the origin. That for this situation we have what can be solved?

1, like opening windows to ventilate this must say we will not waste too much ink here.

2, is that you can match certain formaldehyde products, such as activated carbon, photocatalyst, formaldehyde remover, decoration deodorizer, etc.

3, seek professional formaldehyde company. Professional formaldehyde companies have their own professional skills and professional tools. Because a hundreds of square feet of indoor living environment just rely on ventilation and activated carbon photocatalyst, formaldehyde remover, decoration deodorizer, etc. want to remove formaldehyde is certainly not enough.