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How to prevent whiteboard markers from drying out?

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How to prevent whiteboard markers from drying out?

It is common for whiteboard markers to be naturally air-dried in everyday life and work, because many people do not follow the normal rules of use when using whiteboard markers. Especially after the use of randomly discarded, do not talk about the nose hairs cover the pen, which led to the occurrence of whiteboard pen was air-dried things, the prevention of whiteboard pen is very simple, is in accordance with the rules of use, after the use of whiteboard pen will be covered back to the nose hairs can be.

Today we are going to say that once the whiteboard pen is dried up, does it mean that this whiteboard pen is scrapped from now on? The answer is certainly not, after the whiteboard pen is dried out, there are still ways to make it work. Here we will focus on introducing a few simple methods to you, I hope you learn from some simple tips, once encountered whiteboard pen is air-dried, you can follow the map.

1.Use nail wash. Take the whiteboard pen cap down, put some nail wash in the cap, put the pen tip placed cap upside down for about five minutes can be used again. This method is applicable to whiteboard pens and all water-based, oil-based color pen.

2.A long time without the use of whiteboard pens may refill the ink in the refill also dried up, directly filled with the right amount of refill liquid, you can use it. This is probably the easiest way to deal with the whiteboard pen air dry how to do.

3.You can go directly to the supermarket to buy a bottle of special whiteboard pen water, add a little whiteboard pen water in the pen tip on the line, if you feel the trouble, add some alcohol is also possible.

4.If the whiteboard pen refill and ink, then you need to clean the nib, and then soak in warm water for 5 minutes, and then use it again and the same as a new purchase.

5.The best time to repair with a disposable latex gloves, otherwise it is not easy to wash off the hands, or you get some water or oil in the refill try.

Methods vary, in general there are no more than two ways, one is to clean the nib, the other is to deal with the refill. For the whiteboard pen air dry how to do still need you comrades in accordance with the above method to experiment with their own hands.