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How to recognize notepad case leather material

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How to recognize notepad case leather material

If you sit for a long time, you can hear your joints clicking when you stretch; your shoulders are always sore, even to the point of having to straighten your back to relieve the pain; your wrists hurt when you hold the mouse with no effort ...... These are common symptoms in office workers, although they are only minor ailments and pains, but they can distract us all the time. We can't concentrate on our work, and if we don't pay attention, it may even get worse. To relieve these symptoms, the office environment to ensure the comfort is one of the methods. And to make the office environment more comfortable, start by picking good office supplies.

Low back pain, is the most significant drawback brought about by a sedentary office. Relieve low back pain, improve the degree of comfort of the desk and chair is the key. Whether the desk and chair are comfortable, to a large extent, will affect our physical health and work efficiency. The ergonomic chair can relieve the discomfort of the lower back to a certain extent. Generally speaking, the best position of our waist support is the third and fourth vertebrae, ergonomic chair with adjustable height back, can fit different users of the waist best support position, reduce the lumbar vertebrae bear the weight of the body, thus effectively alleviating the pain symptoms caused by excessive pressure on the waist back.

For the long-term use of computer office workers, the mouse is a must-use equipment. We use the mouse in the process, the wrist joints need to maintain a long time mechanical, repetitive action, which may lead to "mouse hand" problem. According to this demand, many businesses have developed some targeted products, such as, wrist with a raised mouse pad, can support the weight of the wrist, to avoid wrist for a long time to maintain the same posture led to stiffness, soreness; grip different mouse, can reduce our wrist and the friction between the desktop, to protect the wrist joints from injury.

In addition, to maintain good office habits, also help to reduce our office fatigue, for example, to maintain the correct sitting posture, appropriate relaxation of the eyes, look into the distance, etc.. The body is the capital of everything, I hope we can take good care of their bodies after work.