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How to reduce the comprehensive cost of office supplies

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How to reduce the comprehensive cost of office supplies

Office procurement is not a big expense for ordinary enterprises, and it will not occupy too much or too much of the enterprise's cost. However, do not underestimate the procurement of office supplies, ranging from paper and pen to office furniture and office equipment. Everything has its specific role. Without any of them, our office cannot continue, So the seemingly trivial purchase of office supplies is actually a major event related to office life.

1.Restraint in purchasing consumables

Most people think that the company's consumables can be purchased at any time and at a low price. This concept should be corrected first, and the habit of purchasing consumables should be formed. In particular, it will be a big problem to apply for it again soon after it is claimed. Reasonable practices. For example, it is forbidden to apply for some stationery at least six months after it is collected. Although the amount of money is very small, it is necessary to set a benchmark and use it according to the application system. It is forbidden to buy it casually.

2.All standards for consumables shall be formulated with the requisition details

For each person, half an eraser, one pencil and one ballpoint pen shall be used, and the detailed standards for receiving shall be formulated. Then every six months, when checking the personal drawers regularly, the excess business supplies shall be recycled first. Staples, scissors, tape, etc., which are frequently used by the whole staff every day, are classified as shared. The eraser, ballpoint pen and signature pen can only be replaced if they cannot be used. In case of loss due to my carelessness, I shall be responsible for compensation strictly.

3.The company's articles shall not be used without permission

In the company, there are many things that can be used for private purposes. For example, telephone charges are part of it. Part of the communication expenses can also be used for private purposes. Samples, promotional goods and cases of taking them home for use also exist. Regardless of public or private ownership, it is not only an increase in expenses, but also an illegitimate first step. First, cadres should set an example cautiously. In the campaign to save money, it is strictly forbidden to divide the public from the private.

4.Do not use pencils and electric pencil sharpeners

The pencil can only be used after purchasing a sharpener. Sharpening pencils takes time. It's easy to overshoot them with electric sharpening pencils. You have to pay for an electric pencil sharpener and you have to pay for electricity. The accumulated pencil scraps should also be removed. The purchase price of automatic pencils is not expensive. The pencil lead can be replaced. There will be a loss when replacing the pencil lead. Three pencil leads are equivalent to one pencil, and the saved amount is considerable.

5.The drawer shall be empty

Everyone has a bad habit of possession. Looking at the drawers of each employee in the enterprise, there is waste in note taking equipment, summons, paper, etc. Better not to use all the drawers. A closet can be used to store all office supplies and statistics. In this way, the quantity of consumables, office supplies, statistical data, etc. can be reduced and expenses can be saved. It can also prevent improper use. If there is no opportunity for improper use, it can prevent the waste of expenses.

6.Internal contact of the company shall be simplified as much as possible

As far as possible, use the reverse side of used paper or advertising waste paper for communication. There is no need to consider being rude to your boss. For documents that need to be enclosed, you can use the old envelope sent from the outside. Files that are not particularly afraid of being seen do not need to be placed in envelopes. For more than two documents, it is also a waste to use a paperclip, which can be nailed with a stapler or pasted with adhesive tape. When using a paperclip to mail, the cost of postage is often increased due to the overweight of the paperclip.