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How to scientifically select stationery for primary and middle school students

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How to scientifically select stationery for primary and middle school students

For most parents of students, it is necessary to know some knowledge about stationery. If there is no criterion for choosing stationery products, it may potentially lay hidden dangers for the safety of children. Therefore, the selection of stationery for children can be based on the knowledge of relevant stationery. For more Encyclopedia of stationery, lepusheng stationery recommends that you pay attention to the platform information on lepusheng's official website. Now, Le Pusheng stationery will give you some advice so that you can select stationery for primary and secondary school students more scientifically:

Kindergarten students' stationery should be safe

Preschool children usually pay more attention to the color of stationery and like colorful and colorful colors. Therefore, red, orange, green and blue should be selected when selecting schoolbags, pencil boxes and other stationery. They also prefer realistic cartoon patterns, such as cherry balls, higuataro, etc. But at the same time, we should pay attention to the hidden dangers of bright colors, so we should recognize the brand stationery to be guaranteed.

In addition, the hand scissors and blades bought for children should be circular arc top, not sharp tip; When selecting a pen, be sure to pay attention to the safety of the pen cap. The diameter of the pen cap should be greater than 16mm. There should be a continuous air channel of at least 6.8mm2 on the pen cap body, which can reduce the risk of suffocation after accidental swallowing by children.

Primary school students choose stationery and pay attention to health care

When purchasing stationery and school supplies for primary school students, special attention should be paid to the principles of protection and health care. For example, when buying schoolbags, full consideration should be given to the fact that primary school students are in the stage of growth and development, and special attention should be paid to protecting their spine; The drawing ruler, pencil case, etc. shall not have burrs or burrs, otherwise it is easy to scratch your hands.

When buying pen supplies, it is necessary to find out whether there is a vent or a gap left on the pen cap, because the vent or the gap left is mainly used to prevent the internal and external air pressure from being different after the pen cap is covered, and the pen cover will pop out and hurt people. Do not buy if there is no air vent or space left, so as to avoid danger to children.

When buying this kind of supplies, exercise books and textbooks should not be too white (the brightness should not be greater than 85%), too white will stimulate and damage children's eyes and affect their eyesight. Therefore, beige workbooks are more suitable.

Practical writing aids for middle school students

Students at this age prefer stationery and school supplies with abstract patterns. They can consider buying brand stationery with simple design and practical functions, and avoid buying stationery that is too toy. As a special reminder, middle school students have a heavy academic burden, so their schoolbags are easy to be overweight. The children who were tall and straight immediately become hunchbacked. The suggestion is: the weight of students' schoolbags should not exceed 15% of their own weight. Parents should remind their children to form the good habit of tidying up their schoolbags every day and take away the temporarily useless books.