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How to solve printer paper jam

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How to solve printer paper jam

Printers have become more and more popular in the market, and have become the office pet of many users. In the face of problems with the lovely office pet, I really don't know what to do, and I can't find out the reasons. Even if it is a simple paper jam problem, I don't know how to deal with it. The author has prepared some tips for the daily use of printers for your reference, hoping to help you in your daily work.

In the process of frequent use, printers often fail to process paper. Most of them are paper jam, no paper feeding, feeding multiple pages at a time, and misrouting. How to deal with these failures?

1. Whether the surface of the printing paper is flat. In case of paper jam in the printer, first check whether the surface of the printing paper is flat. If the paper is curled or folded, it is better to use a paper with flat and smooth surface, and ensure that the surface of the printing paper is free of adhesive like attachments.

2. The print paper is too thin or too much. It is necessary to ensure that the quality of the printing paper exceeds 60g. If the printing paper is too thin, it will make it difficult for the printer to feed paper, and it is easy to cause paper jam. And the printing paper loaded at one time should not be too thick.

3. The paper take-up roller is worn. The paper taking roller is the most easily worn part of the printer. When the paper in the paper tray is normal and cannot be taken out, it is often the paper taking roller is worn or the spring is loose. There is not enough pressure to feed the paper into the machine. If the paper take-up roller is worn and cannot be replaced for a while, the method of winding a rubber band can be used for emergency treatment. After winding the rubber band, the paper take-up friction is increased, and the paper feeding can return to normal.

In addition, I wonder if you have ever encountered a situation where the printer does not respond after sending a print command to the printer through the software. So if we really encounter this situation in actual operation, how to solve it?

First, check whether the printer is currently set to "Pause Printing". If so, no matter how you send the printing command to the printer, the printer will certainly not accept the printing command. If you want the printer to accept the user's response, you can cancel the "Pause Printing" setting. When you cancel this setting, you can open the printer operation window first, Then right click the program icon of the printer installed in the current system. From the pop-up shortcut menu, you can see that there is a tick in front of the "Pause Printing" command item. As long as you click the command option with the mouse, you can cancel the "Pause Printing" setting.

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