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How to use a water glass safely

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How to use a water glass safely

Plastic mugs are popular with many people, especially children, teenagers and people who are out and about, such as agricultural mechanics, construction workers and construction workers, because of their versatile shapes, bright colors, low prices and the fact that they are not fragile when dropped. Experts warn: long-term use of plastic water cups drinking water is not safe, do not advocate the use of plastic water cups. The reasons are as follows.

First, plastic is a polymer chemical materials, often containing polyvinyl chloride or PVC polyvinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals. Drinking water with plastic water cups, inevitably used to fill hot or boiling water. When using plastic water cups for hot water, especially for boiling water, plastic in the toxic chemicals easily precipitated into the water, long-term drinking such water, will certainly cause harm to the human body.

Second, plastic water cups are prone to bacteria, and not easy to wash. This is because the seemingly smooth surface of the plastic is not smooth, internal microstructure has many small pores, these small voids are easy to hide dirt, and can not be cleaned with conventional methods.

Third, most of the plastic mugs sold on the market are made of polycarbonate, bisphenol A is one of the main raw materials for the production of polycarbonate plastic, and bisphenol A is internationally recognized as a substance that can increase the risk of cancer, and breast cancer, prostate cancer and premature sexual development. It is harmful to the human body similar to smoking, ingested into the body, difficult to break down, there is a cumulative effect, but also inherited to the next generation. Experiments at the Harvard School of Public Health show that drinking beverages in plastic bottles and eating food stored in plastic containers are the main sources of human intake of Bisphenol A.

Plastic water cup advantages and disadvantages: 1: the advantage is light, not easy to break. 2: The disadvantage is that it can not withstand too high a temperature, the temperature is too high easy to decompose deformation. 3: choose plastic cups to choose PLA material cups, it is best to choose transparent material, so that it does not contain too many other additives and pigments, there will be no heavy metals and other harmful ingredients. 4: plastic cups toxic this statement is not very comprehensive, we can not agree, plastic has brought us a major change in life, the correct understanding of plastic, not talk about plastic color.

Paper cup advantages and disadvantages: paper cups easy to use, not easy to spread disease, this is the advantage, but paper cups in the manufacturing process will add wax chemicals to prevent water seepage, this wax will have a small amount of dissolved in the water at high temperatures, drink it is not good for the human body. In addition, the paper-making process will also use some additives, high temperature will also seep into the water harmful to humans.