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Humanized products for left-handed people

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Humanized products for left-handed people

According to statistics, about 6%-13% of the world's population is left-handed, and in China, at least 80 million people are left-handed. On August 13, 1992, the left-handed organization in the United States set up a holiday for left-handed people around the world, International Left-handed Day, hoping that all sectors of society can pay attention to the rights of left-handed people in education, daily life and tool design. Today, under the influence of user thinking, many companies have introduced products suitable for left-handed people to meet the special needs of consumers. Take a look at what humane left-handed special products.

01 Scissors for left-handed people

The general scissors will have some ergonomic design on the handle in line with the habitual right-handed people, to distinguish between positive and negative and optimize the feel of the hand. However, for left-handed people, these details become an obstacle to the use of scissors. In response to the needs of left-handed people, special scissors for left-handed people have been created.

The FISKARS left-handed scissors are designed to fit the habits of left-handed children and allow them to experience the joy of crafting smoothly.


02 Easy-to-read measuring cups

General measuring cups adapt to the habits of right-handed people, using the right hand to grasp the handle, the scale on the surface of the cup is exactly facing the user. But if you use your left hand to hold it, you will not be able to see the scale on the surface of the cup. This measuring cup has a scale line on the front and back, whether using the left hand or right hand, will not block the scale line; the curvature of the spout is convenient for pouring; after cleaning and inverted on the table, the spout will not touch the table, in addition to keeping the spout clean, but also to keep the air circulation in the measuring cup, easier to dry.


03 Left-handed ruler

BRUNNEN's straight ruler has scales on the top and bottom, and the scales on the top and bottom start from the left and right respectively, making it easy for both left-handed and right-handed people to use.