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Improve the management focus of stationery sales

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To run a stationery store well, we should "be eager to" select the most suitable goods. After all, goods determine the sales volume. If a stationery store wants to survive, it determines the sales volume. Especially the new generation of students will only be more and more picky about the quality and style of goods. In addition, what are some tips that can help increase the sales of stationery stores?

Commodity display technology - sensory experience is very important

Why do we feel different in big famous brands than in ordinary small stores? Of course, this has a lot to do with decoration, but the most important thing is the professional display of the store. The function of storefront display can be divided into sensory function and shopping guide function. The first time we enter a brand store, the image of the store represents the image of the brand. Once we enter the store, the first impression is the whole layout, then the color of stationery in the store, then the series color, and finally the style. Therefore, if the store display is not good at this time, it will be very messy when you enter the door, and you feel that you have no way to start. At this time, you need to display well to make the store form a sense of quality.

The display function of student stationery is not only to display products, but also to guide the store. For example, attract customers by hanging discount signs at the door. There are also shopping guides that induce customers to shop to the maximum extent without discounts. For example, the latest and most peculiar correction tape products are placed next to the pen, and a discount is given to allow consumers to buy in sets.

Management of store staff - improve the service of the whole store

With the increase of stores, the competition between stores is becoming increasingly fierce, which requires more in-depth and meticulous management to improve the controllability of the market. Nowadays, customers not only consider the price and quality of goods, but also pay attention to the details of sales services. And the store sales just occupy the most important position. Shop assistants should have smiling service. The value of a smile is not only successful sales and satisfactory purchase, but also reflects the sales concept and business attitude under the new market environment. Even if the shop owner is the only one, he should treat customers sincerely

Friendly, do not walk around and chat without authorization before the customer comes to the door, pick up the spirit and be ready to meet the customer at any time and make preparations for the initial contact with the customer. Successful initial contact is half of perfect sales, and timely recommend products after obtaining the products that customers want.