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Intelligent lifting table is popular all over the world

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Intelligent lifting table is popular all over the world

The concept of healthy office originated in Europe and penetrated into North America. Laws and regulations are the driving force for the improvement of penetration.

Up and down, is another world, is a new way of life. Combined with ergonomic design, the intelligent lifting table product that can meet the needs of standing and sitting alternate office brings a healthy office lifestyle to workers and avoids the harm of sedentary. At the same time, it also improves the office efficiency of employees.

There are clear legal provisions in Europe and the United States that "the work height must be suitable for each employee and work functions" and "employers must provide adjustable office furniture for their employees". Sound laws, trade union organizations and the functional value of the product itself have promoted the intelligent lifting desk from optional consumer goods to essential consumer goods.

At present, the intelligent lifting table has become the preferred solution for enterprises to improve the office environment. Jiechang drive helps customers improve the office environment of more than 100 Fortune 500 enterprises with high-quality lifting table system. Like Amazon, Alibaba, apple, Ge, Intel, general motors, etc.

We know that consumption is classified, the development logic of intelligent lifting table is to undertake consumption upgrading, and the intelligent products applied to the terminal by linear drive products belong to consumption upgrading products.

On the one hand, it is new demand: consumption upgrading, people's pursuit of a better quality of life, resulting in consumption demand. The lifting table products meet the needs of consumption upgrading in the European and American markets.

On the other hand is the new supply: category upgrading. First, the traction of market demand. The market needs more intelligent, humanized, comfortable and healthy products. Second, the inevitable result of the development of industry competition. The office furniture industry has developed to a mature stage, and the product homogenization is serious. Enterprises need to break the situation through cross-border innovation, develop differentiated products and upgrade categories.

In the past few years, the intelligent lifting table has been an important factor in the evolution of the office furniture industry. Participants with forward-looking vision have seized the opportunity of the development of the intelligent lifting table Market and achieved rapid development.

Under the epidemic situation, the intelligent lifting table ushered in the second development opportunity, became a new favorite of the global C-end consumer market and entered individual families. This requires enterprises in the office furniture industry to build network sales channels and provide better lift table products based on consumption scenarios to meet the needs of home office.

Source: China economic times