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Inventory of practical tips for staplers

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Inventory of practical tips for staplers

A stapler is a piece of office stationery that we often use in the office, often for binding documents and books. Although there are fixed purposes, but the stapler as a tool, in addition to the regular binding function, but also flexible in a variety of scenarios to use. The following are some useful tips for staplers.

Staplers can be used to replace stitching on fabric. When we buy a pair of pants that are too long in length, but too late to change them to a shorter length, we can use a stapler to staple up the over-long part of the pants for emergency use. This method is more suitable for thicker, stiffer pants, such as jeans, padded pants, etc.

The stapler can also be used to seal the bag of uneaten snacks to prevent the snacks inside the bag from getting wet. Use a stapler to seal the bag, compared to the use of long tail clips or clothespins to be faster, stronger, and more convenient to disassemble.

The stapler also has an unexpected use, that is, to make a phone stand. Remove the staples, open the stapler, adjust to a suitable angle, you will be able to use as a cell phone stand.

In addition, the stapler has a relatively odd use, is used to open walnuts, pecans, such as hard-shelled nuts. The staples are all removed, the nuts will be placed in the binding with a firm pressure, it can be opened. Of course, unless it is really greedy, it is best not to easily try, if you encounter "head iron" walnuts, that stapler and walnuts who first cracked it is uncertain.