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Kitchen Storage Principles

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Kitchen Storage Principles

There are several principles of kitchen storage. For example, it must meet the purpose of storage, but also be beautiful, convenient and practical. Therefore, storage needs to be diverse.

Convenience principle

First of all, according to the cooking habits of the man/woman, the tools that you use frequently should be placed in an easily accessible place. For example, spices, kettles, knives, etc. can be placed directly on the countertop.

Categorization Principle

The purpose of storage is to keep all the items in order and ultimately tidy, so use different storage utensils to realize the order of kitchen items.

The principle of ultimate utilization

Kitchen walls, refrigerator side walls and other waist space can be fully utilized. In addition, the corner space of the kitchen, the gap between the cabinets and the refrigerator, kitchen storage everywhere, as long as there is space to "squeeze".