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Label paper removal methods

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Label paper removal methods

Nowadays, many label papers are very widely used, and I believe most people have encountered them. The plastic, glass and ceramic products such as vases and bowls that we usually buy in supermarkets will also have the manufacturer's label paper attached to them. Although the surface of the printed paper can be torn off, but the sticky glue underneath is always torn clean.

Because ordinary stickers generally contain petroleum resin, acrylic and other polymer materials, viscosity is relatively high. Manufacturers want to stick a little more firmly, will not fall off during transport, but stick too firmly, tear up and inconvenient. There is no process that can ensure the strength of the sticky, but also can be easily torn off without leaving traces.

But in general, alcohol, gasoline or nail polish, hand cream and other dilutions can help remove these stickers easily and completely. The method is to tear off a layer of paper on the surface of the label, apply alcohol or gasoline, etc., and then keep rubbing your hand on the surface to fully saturate the sticker, and finally wipe it off with a cloth.

However, with these solvents, there is also the possibility of damage to the surface of the appliance, the current summary of a better method is to soak in hot water or blow with a hair dryer sticker part, and then remove the sticker with a wet cloth friction. This method will not cause damage to the items.