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Learn about improving kitchen storage

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Learn about improving kitchen storage

The importance of storage

Many people don't rate food pantries. In fact, kitchen pantry is very important. If a kitchen pantry is not done properly, the entire kitchen will look cluttered. Not to mention that cooking looks troublesome. In addition, kitchen utensils are usually cluttered, not a lot, but a lot. Just renovated in the cabinet did not feel much, but after using it and feel that there is not enough space, so hard to find. So, before the kitchen becomes a miserable battlefield, start learning kitchen storage strategies from this moment.

Classification of items

Regarding kitchen storage, the first thing to consider is the classification of products, which can be divided into four categories: household items, kitchen utensils, ingredients, and condiments. Kitchen spatulas, spoons and utensils are classified and filtered according to the above categories for kitchen supplies.

Storage principles

There are several principles for kitchen storage. For example, it should meet the purpose of storage, but also be beautiful, convenient and practical. Therefore, storage needs to be diverse. For example, when customizing cabinets. Do not believe what others say, and design according to your own habits.

Storage artifacts

There are now many storage items on the Internet that you can buy to make your kitchen beautiful. For example, a small shelf on the wall can be used to store a microwave or oven. Also, it's best not to use a small storage cart; that one has a lot of space, but a lot of storage levels.

There is a lot to know about storage. It is important to learn to store not only the other spaces in the room, but also the importance of storage in places like the kitchen. There are a lot of groceries in the kitchen. No storage or not, from cooking to eating every time cleaning is very troublesome, but storage is still possible, saving a lot of trouble, and cooking is not too difficult.