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Listen to the Expertise of America's 'Retired' Burglars

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Listen to the Expertise of America's 'Retired' Burglars

Following an interview with some imprisoned burglars on a North American news channel, a foreign blogger interviewed many "ex-burglars," some of whom are repeat offenders, some of whom have retired, and from these "professionals," he asked how to be thorough Protect your home from burglary.

First, to protect the glass, to avoid being broken windows

Here to say that the protection of glass, not to install what the security network and so on, but from the glass itself, it is best to use tempered glass made of laminated windows, because many window design, when destroyed easily broken into small pieces, when the burglars are very easy to enter. And laminated glass inside, there is usually a layer of plastic film, when the window is broken can effectively fix the glass to avoid shattering, when once or twice smashed through, many thieves will not risk a louder sound, and so, this time, the home is saved! Of course, this is only the first point. If the home has been good glass, you can also add their own film to the window, although the effect will not be as good as the above, but can always play a role, and win inexpensive.

Second, the dog is not necessarily useful

According to a former burglar on Reddit, in his "career", dogs generally have no deterrent effect, and even many dogs are very friendly to him, even unfamiliar people can also go to pet, and now dogs play the role of home guards, has been greatly weakened. Of course, not all dogs are useless, some trained dogs and fierce large dogs, or very deterrent; at the same time, a variety of small dogs are also troublesome ...... because such dogs are usually easy to bark wildly, and thus scare away thieves, so raising small dogs is also a good way. Some yards will have similar signs outside the house with dogs, some lawbreakers will even judge the house dogs can walk freely based on this, and thus no alarms, so as to strike.

Third, theft usually occurs in the daytime

In many movies and TV shows, we often see the burglary happened at night, so it is natural to think that the daytime do not need to take precautions. But according to questionnaires, most burglaries, usually occur in the morning 6:00 to 6:00 in the evening during the day, in this range, more accurate time from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. range, because this time people usually work outside, so the daytime vigilance is more important. Therefore, it is good to install such items as alarms and security cameras at home.

Fourth, do a good job of cleaning at hidden items

Many wrongdoer's for belongings is very keen, usually dust around the indoor items, can let them judge the frequency of movement of this thing, such as the corner of the floor should accumulate dust, there is dust around but there are places where there are traces of human hands, it will let them judge the hiding point, no exaggeration. And if the stash point around the same clean, it will not make them feel abnormal, and the financial nature is safe.

V. Don't let thieves know your schedule

In general, thieves will know your schedule by various means, and squatting is the most inefficient way; according to some people's statements, they will use binoculars to see the calendar or memo located in plain sight at home and know when people go out.

Six, valuables need to be hidden

Previously read a statistics, which shows that theft is usually completed within 5 minutes, their target is not a large safe, TV such items, but jewelry, cell phones, wallets and the like, so even at home, but also must be kept well. Now a very popular hidden cabinet can be a good disguise for yourself and facilitate the collection of valuables.

Seven, neighbors are important

The reason why many thieves ambush, a number of because of the neighbors report, so if you are out and not at home, it is best to store the items after the curtains open, rather than close, sometimes really will play a vital role. When you are not at home at night, try to light up a few lights to give the impression that someone is at home.

Eight, be wary of strangers knocking on the door It is understood that many burglars will knock on the door before they do evil, and if someone answers, then they will make up a reason, such as my dog lost, fill out a questionnaire, or simply say knocking on the wrong door ...... So, when knocked on the door by a stranger, it is also necessary to be wary.

All in all, the burglar's routine is really much, so that people can not prevent, but as long as good security doors and windows, cameras, alarms and other daily anti-theft means, while supplemented by the above 8 points need to pay attention to matters, almost make your home invulnerable.