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MAXHUB Announces Smart Office Book M6/M6 Pro

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MAXHUB Announces Smart Office Book M6/M6 Pro

On September 1, Beijing time, MAXHUB, the head brand of B-end business meeting monitors, officially pre-sold its first intelligent office notebooks M6 and M6 Pro for C-end. On the same day, the series of intelligent office notebooks M6 and M6 Pro were sought after by many business people and drew wide attention from inside and outside the industry.

MAXHUB, which has been the No. 1 domestic seller of B-side business conference monitors for five consecutive years, chose to release a C-side e-paper product at this point in time. Why did the intelligent office book M6/M6 Pro receive wide attention as soon as it was released? With these two questions, let's take a look at it.

E-paper handwriting growth rate is amazing

Those who are concerned about the e-paper handwriting market should not be surprised by MAXHUB's choice this time. In the past few years, the global e-paper handwriting market has been maintaining a high growth rate. Since 2017, the e-paper handwriting market has maintained high growth for 5 consecutive years, and the global e-paper handwriting shipments have exceeded 1.2 million units in 2021 alone, and the global shipments of the e-paper handwriting market have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 70% in the past 3 years, according to statistics from ePaper Insight, a division of CINNO Research. A series of figures show that the current electronic paper handwriting is a booming blue ocean market.

Moreover, the emergence of electronic paper handwriting book, also does comply with the modern business office scene, to give business people another choice.

On the one hand, for business people, every day for a long time to face the traditional monitor has been the norm, long time excessive eye fatigue brought about by almost every business people; on the other hand, whether it is meeting records, after the meeting to organize the content, or record their own light at any time, the mainstream of electronic devices is not actually the best solution for instant recording, the best choice is actually electronic Paper handwriting book.

Therefore, in the real-time record has a natural user habits advantage of electronic paper products, its gradually hot is the market trend. For today's businessmen, efficiency is very important no matter writing or flipping through later, and the traditional electronic paper handwriting notebooks do not seem to be the best in this regard.

MAXHUB has been working in the business field for many years and understands the pain points of business people very well. The intelligent office book M6/M6 Pro brought by MAXHUB can be said to improve the writing efficiency of electronic paper handwriting in all aspects and adapt to a variety of usage scenarios, which completely solves these pain points.

Home shorthand, open to write, save time and effort

Whether in a meeting to quickly record the key points, or in work life to record a flash of light, are very important to the timeliness of this time, whether it is using a computer or to find a pen and paper, will be a little less fast and convenient. The intelligent office book M6/M6 Pro in this point on the ultimate, without any additional action, open to start writing, not to waste a minute. At the same time, Smart Office M6/M6 Pro also has a built-in professional AI voice transcription engine and dual high-fidelity microphones, supporting real-time conversion of voice into text records, even without the need to move a pen to record at any time, very convenient.

Lightweight and slim plus, stress-free on-the-go

For modern business people, office equipment can hardly be left behind in office life, but no one wants to carry a computer around, especially in meetings, where the sound of snapping and typing is a bit out of place. The M6/M6 Pro is very light, with a net weight of 361g for the M6 and 384g for the M6 Pro, and a thickness of only 5.7mm, which is far less than that of a laptop, and even thinner than a real paper notebook.

Second search handwriting, one key positioning, easy to find

MAXHUB's new intelligent office book M6/M6 Pro is defined as "an office book for recording thoughts", which is to facilitate users to find the records at any time. Through the original handwriting search, MAXHUB Intelligent Office Book can find previously recorded notes with just one keyword or keyphrase, which is difficult to find even in paper notebooks with such efficiency.

One thing, one note, organized and clear at a glance

Faced with a pile of disorganized notes, sorting them out is a troublesome task, but MAXHUB Smart Office M6/M6 Pro makes the content organization a very simple matter. No matter it is a discussion plan, decision making idea or reading insight, it can be easily organized into thematic notes, and the cover can be customized, so you can find the notes later as if you were flipping through a book, and all the summarized information can be displayed on one page, which greatly improves the efficiency of flipping through.

It can be said that MAXHUB Smart Office Book M6 and M6 Pro have solved most of the pain points of business people nowadays, and MAXHUB Link Effect doesn't stop there.

The ultimate writing experience, the ultimate smooth experience

In fact, many electronic paper handwriting notebooks in the past ignored the writing experience, which was either "sluggish" or "slippery", far from the real pen and paper writing experience. In response to this, MAXHUB has developed the first tilting pressure-sensitive ink screen in China, which supports 4096-level tilting of the original handwriting and can change the effect of strokes by changing the angle and weight of the pen. Whether it's italics or script, it can be done with ease, and even line drawing can be presented in high quality.

Moreover, the writing experience is not only like real pen and paper, but also significantly reduces the learning cost of writing. It can be said that MAXHUB Link Effect really understands business people too well, and it has achieved the best efficiency for business people's concerns everywhere.

In addition, MAXHUB Link Effect has also put its very successful technologies on B-side business meeting monitors, such as data transfer and intelligent screen casting technology, onto MAXHUB Link Effect Smart Office M6 and M6 Pro. No data cable is needed, the notes taken can be sent to the computer at any time, and the files stored in the computer can be sent to the intelligent office book M6 and M6 Pro at any time, and MAXHUB Intelligent Office Book M6 and M6 Pro also support a variety of screen transfer protocols, which can be synchronized to the big screen in real time, so you can easily share your thoughts and records.

With a detailed analysis, it is easy to find that although MAXHUB Link Effect is entering the C-side e-paper market for the first time, it should not be treated as a novice in the industry. Thanks to its years of careful research in the B-side business field, MAXHUB Lead Effect has a very thorough understanding of the real needs of business people, which other players in the field of e-paper handwriting do not have, and it can be said that this field will start to accelerate from the time MAXHUB Lead Effect enters the field.

From the ultimate writing experience to the most convenient way of recording, it is proving to be a very excellent product that deserves your attention.