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Marketing strategy for custom stationery: To keep creating new demand

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Marketing strategy for custom stationery: To keep creating new demand

Today's stationery supply market can no longer be summed up simply by buying and selling to market supply and demand. With the flourishing of custom office stationery, consumers have increasing control over stationery products, which also means that the traditional market has gradually shifted from buyer sovereignty to a seller's market. In the seller's market, understanding and mastering the needs of consumers to become the development of the stationery industry can not be ignored link. But to figure out the needs of consumers, which is not an easy task.

In fact, in the stationery market, consumer demand is always there, it has been in the dynamic development, and constantly meet the growing material and cultural needs of consumers. The deeper the understanding of demand, the more accurately grasp the market orientation. Each country, each region and even each city's consumer psychology is different, some stationery brands are successful, not because of how good and sophisticated its products, is the maturity of its marketing strategy system, a deep understanding of consumer culture, close to the Chinese consumer psychology.

From the level of demand, catering to consumer demand and guide consumer demand are two strategies, can be understood as the trend and create two market entry points, although there is a sequence of hearing, specializing in the field, the fundamental purpose is the same, are personalized innovation to shape the characteristics of consumer demand. Such as stationery customization using corporate VI color system as the tone, coupled with office stationery commonly used cold colors, through a unique style to meet the real needs of the product and brand association. Only for stationery products to shape the brand differentiation, in order to achieve a share of the market and brand communication power of the breakthrough development.

If catering to consumer demand is a strategy that most companies can operate, creating demand is much more difficult for the current competitive market landscape, for "creating demand", not every company can adapt, for example, how to make a company not customize the habit of starting and adopt the trend of stationery customization How do you get a company that is not used to customization to start and adopt the trend of stationery customization? How to use their own brand culture products to meet the cultural characteristics of another company, and with the nation, the country, the founder or its company strategic positioning, how to do the brand connotation of the new docking?

The market of the future is a demand market, whether it is catering to demand or creating demand, the core of which is the customer. The strategy of the company is to continuously create new demands and guide customers to experience new demands, and continuously make customers get satisfied is the ultimate goal.