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Matters needing attention in purchasing office supplies

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Matters needing attention in purchasing office supplies

Office supplies are the main part of our company's daily expenses. As a purchaser responsible for purchasing office supplies, he should not only consider the cost, but also select the type, appropriate brand and model of office supplies. Therefore, it is very cumbersome to purchase office supplies. Today, I will share with you the matters needing attention when purchasing office supplies!

1. Office pen

There are many types of office pens. Generally, when purchasing, you can choose the color and model of the pen, but you will also ignore this. When selecting office pens, you must choose one with a vent in the cap. The function of the air vent is mainly to prevent the difference of internal and external air pressure when the pen is covered, which will cause the pen cap to pop out and hurt people.

2. Office paper

When purchasing office paper, you should pay attention to the choice of size and weight. However, you should also note that the whiter the office paper is, the better. Office paper that is too white means that too much fluorescent agent and bleach are added to the production project. Looking at this kind of office paper for a long time will cause discomfort to the eyes, and too high brightness will have a certain impact on the image fixing.

3. Office equipment

Office equipment refers to printers, binding machines, copiers, punching machines and the like that we see in the office every day. They occupy most of the cost when purchasing, so we should not only control the low cost of purchasing office equipment, but also pay attention to the quality of office equipment.

4. Procurement method

If your company needs many types of procurement, it is recommended to choose a procurement service provider, which can help you save most of your time. Moreover, if you purchase from a service provider, you will not be afraid of any more types of procurement.