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Modern simple style office design features

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Modern simple style office design features

In the office design style, modern simple style is often used. The modern simple style office pursues a simple and generous pattern. It looks simple and has no gorgeous decorative items, but it does not mean the lack of design elements. So what are the characteristics of modern simple office design? Let's take a look at the detailed introduction!

1. Style characteristics

More emphasis on functional design, simple and smooth lines and strong color contrast. A large number of new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials. It is also a common decorative method of modern style office furniture, which can bring people a sense of avant-garde and restraint. Due to simple lines and few decorative elements, perfect soft fitting cooperation between furniture is needed to bring beauty.

2. Home preparation features

Concise, lively, practical and generous. Emphasize the supremacy of function and the obedience of form to function.

3. Characteristics of office lamps

In terms of product modeling, it breaks the traditional inertial thinking and makes full use of geometric lines, including circles, shapes and polygons. Whether they are square, slender or round and smooth, they all cater to the aesthetic concept of modern people. In terms of materials, aluminum, steel, acrylic, glass lamp and other materials with modern characteristics are generally used. Some surfaces are smooth, some are equipped with various curve designs, and some are sanding designs, giving people different enjoyment. There will not be too many colorful fancy in color. The color of products is relatively single, with white, gray, color, green, blue and other main colors. These products can bring people a quiet feeling through color without losing the sense of modernity.

4. Office decoration features

The office wall chart has simple patterns, smooth or irregular lines. In terms of color, the combination of black and white, the warm colors represented by red, orange and yellow, and the cold and quiet feeling of green, blue and green are boldly used in modern style design.

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