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Moms-to-be The dos and don'ts of using office equipment

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Moms-to-be The dos and don'ts of using office equipment

With the increased pressure of life, many white-collar women have to take on a lot of work during pregnancy, especially those who sit in offices for long periods of time and face a lot of pollution from the office itself. Therefore, experts suggest that in the beautifully decorated, modern office buildings with advanced equipment, must pay attention to four aspects of the problem, do not hurt the body in order to work.

First, pay attention to the use of computers:

When the computer is turned on, the monitor emits electromagnetic radiation, which is destructive to human cell division and may damage the unformed fetus. Therefore, during the first trimester, it is best to use the computer less often, especially to keep a distance from the computer screen. After the third month, you can use the computer normally, but outside of work, do not sit and chat online all day, play games, etc.

Next, pay attention to the use of the telephone:

In the office, the telephone is the most easily spread disease office supplies. The germs on 2/3 of the telephone handset can be passed on to the next person who picks up the phone, which is the main way to spread colds and diarrhea in the office. So pregnant women had better reduce the number of phone calls, or use alcohol to disinfect the telephone handset and keyboard, the ideal is to have a telephone of their own.

Third, pay attention to the use of photocopiers.

Due to the electrostatic effect of photocopiers, ozone will be generated in the air, making people dizzy. When it is started, it also releases some toxic gases that can cause respiratory diseases in people with weak constitution. Therefore, it is best to put the copier in a place with air circulation, and pregnant women should use it as little as possible, and eat foods containing vitamin E properly.

Fourth, pay attention to the use of air conditioning.

In the hot summer, air conditioning brings a cool feeling to everyone. But stay in the room with the air conditioner on for a long time, and will feel cold, dizzy, irritable, and easy to catch a cold. This is because the air conditioning so that the indoor air circulation is not smooth, the reason for the reduction of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, pregnant women should open the windows regularly and go outside every few hours to breathe fresh air.