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New Technology - Double-Layer Magnetic Soft White Board

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New Technology - Double-Layer Magnetic Soft White Board

Magnetic soft whiteboard, for most families is still a relatively new product, so you may have some questions when buying, do not know exactly choose that structure is better. Today, we'll compare the single-layer magnetic structure and double-layer magnetic structure of the writing board which advantage is more obvious.

Single-layer magnetic whiteboard, the surface of the use of ordinary board, in the process of use to be careful, the surface structure is vulnerable to external damage. And the use of a long time will form a layer on the surface of the whiteboard is not easy to erase the oil pen traces, you need to use special whiteboard cleaner and cotton cloth to remove the pen traces completely, not good care. In the installation of fixed, whether it is to take nails, or custom L-shaped bracket, or independent bracket structure, will leave the whiteboard position is not easy to fix, easy to fall off the hidden trouble.

But the double-layer magnetic whiteboard eliminates this problem from the root. The double-layer magnetic structure of the whiteboard is composed of a magnetic bottom and magnetic surface two-layer structure, the magnetic bottom is a pure natural rubber magnetic bottom, through the 3M strong adhesive backing on the wall, can be a durable fit, the use of the period will not be displaced, off. The surface is a layer of high-density iron glue layer made of nano-research and pressure technology, which allows the two layers of the structure to fit together closely. This double-layer structure is easy to install and gently adheres to the wall like a piece of paper. At the same time, this double-layer structure can also be matched with magnetic accessories, made into a weight-bearing frame, super strong adsorption force to achieve 3D weight-bearing function. Magnetic home magnetic soft whiteboard has a variety of styles and styles, with magnetic accessories to create a high home environment.

Therefore, the double-layer magnetic whiteboard is much better than the single-layer magnetic whiteboard in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The double-layer magnetic soft whiteboard from Magnetic Home is designed to maximize the wall space from multiple dimensions, and various innovative and environmentally friendly materials make the magnetic whiteboard no longer a chicken feed, but a truly durable home and office product.