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New trend of home design

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New trend of home design

As one of the basic needs of human beings, interior design is related to the experience and feeling brought by living space. After the integration of technical means, materials, cultural elements and social environment at that time, interior design in different historical periods blooms a brilliant life light and constantly presents a new look.

Modern design has expanded from product design to cultural design, environmental design and atmosphere design, from "survival consciousness" to "environmental consciousness", experience consciousness and sensory consciousness. Various doctrines or movements carried out since modern times are basically the specific expression and Realization of this trend in interior design.


Design is the expression of emotion and the return of human nature. Hong Kong Interior Design celebrity Gao Wenan once said: "the most important thing of interior design is to pursue the affinity of space." His design is not transparent but open-minded.

People are different from other animals because they can express their emotions. Design is alive. Although a good space design can't talk to itself, it is the emotional talk of the designer. Interior design will reduce the complicated decoration methods, and more is the understanding of function and space and spiritual thinking. More and more designers begin to pay attention to the openness and primitive expressiveness of space, so as to help people's emotions get sustenance in space.


People yearn for nature, use natural materials and live in a natural green environment. This is the trend at the level of user demand. The corresponding changes in interior design, such as Nordic schools and pastoral schools, are the implementers of this trend. Create an idyllic and comfortable atmosphere in the residence, emphasize the application of natural colors and natural materials, and adopt many folk art techniques and styles.

On this basis, designers continue to work hard on "Naturalization", create new texture effects, and use concrete and abstract design techniques to make people associate with and feel nature. There will be more and more methods. I believe designers will continue to work in this direction.


Decoration is a regretful art. In fact, interior design is to minimize this regret. With the enrichment of material wealth, people require the beauty of unity and harmony among various indoor objects. Interior design should grasp the relationship between space, shape, color and virtual reality, the relationship between function combination, the creation of artistic conception and the coordination with the surrounding environment.


With the development of modern science and technology, there are quite a lot of modern equipment available. All modern scientific and technological means can be used in interior design to achieve the best matching effect of sound, light, color and shape, achieve high speed and efficiency, and create a living space that people admire.

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