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Office Fire Safety Tips

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Office Fire Safety Tips

An office, a public place where office workers conduct their work. Office belongs to the indoor space with high density of people, in order to ensure the office to ensure the safety of people and property, it is necessary to do office fire safety measures. The following are some office fire safety taboos, you can check your office against whether there are fire safety hazards.

First, do not overload electricity. Do not connect too many electrical appliances in a plug. Cell phones, tablets and other electronic products that need to be charged, fully charged should be unplugged in time to prevent battery aging or explosion. Regularly check whether the line is aging, damaged, and if so, promptly replace the circuit or plug board with low safety performance.

Secondly, when you do not need to use a certain office equipment, unplug the power supply can not only eliminate safety hazards, but also save electricity and reduce office costs. Computers should not be in standby mode for a long time, should be timely shut down to rest; shredders, sealers and other small, weak heat dissipation performance of small appliances should be as far away from the amount of paper tablecloths and other combustible materials, when not in use unplugged to prevent accidents.

Furthermore, smoking is prohibited in the office. Generally speaking, there is a large number of office furniture, paper and other combustible materials, failure to completely extinguish the cigarette may become the source of the fire. In addition, smoking in a closed office will also produce second-hand smoke, polluting the air and affecting the physical and mental health of others. Therefore, the establishment of the office smoking ban statute is conducive to maintaining the safety and health of the office environment and maintaining office order.

Finally, the correct use of alcohol and other disinfection supplies. In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, office cleaning and disinfection has become one of the daily tasks of many enterprises. In the process of disinfecting the office, we should not take it lightly and always maintain safety awareness. Alcohol disinfectant and other flammable substances in to be away from power supplies, switches, sockets, etc., to prevent explosions from occurring.

In summary, the office fire safety concerns the entire office of the safety of people and property, for this reason, companies should comply with relevant laws and regulations, and strictly enforce the relevant regulations, in the office of the staff also need to always maintain safety and fire awareness, together to maintain the safety and comfort of the office environment.