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Office Furniture Trends

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Office Furniture Trends

Modern office is people-oriented, through scientific design to create a personalized, efficient office space, China's office furniture industry with new design concepts proposed, the emergence of new materials and the development of production processes, the industry began to undergo dramatic changes.

1.Intelligent office

As people are increasingly aware of the negative health effects of sitting on the human body, ergonomics is gradually popularized and widely appreciated, many ergonomic workstations can be adjusted vertically to work in a seated or standing position, so the lift system has become a new trend in the development of office furniture.

The lift control of the desk is mainly achieved through the lift button, low-power LCD height and lift button outside, the lift uses intelligent noise-reducing motor, the lift process is smooth, the noise is less than 50 decibels, less than the sound of normal conversation, creating a quiet office environment and atmosphere; there are M height memory key and A sedentary reminder key. Generally 45 minutes is appropriate, when set and turn on the sedentary reminder, the LED screen will display a countdown and remind the leader to stand up and move after the point with a dripping sound.


Many employees move their work out of the office through telecommuting arrangements. Offices often facilitate these arrangements by providing multiple desks and other work areas.

By using shared furniture, the roaming office concept reduces the total amount of office space required. Activity-based work integrates flexible spaces into areas where employees can work privately or in groups of different sizes.

3.New materials

Due to the increasing concern for environmental protection and sustainability, environmentally friendly furniture under new materials will drive accelerated change in the office furniture industry.

4.Design innovation

This innovation is not only reflected in the design, but also the cooperation of elements and the use of technology. Will have a conflict of elements or design mix, but can be matched with a coordinated style and texture, highlighting the quality and characteristics of furniture, rigid and soft is also an attitude to life. Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance and function, of which function is the forerunner, the driving force behind the development of furniture; structure is the backbone, the basis for achieving function.