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Office "Low-Carbon" Tips

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Office "Low-Carbon" Tips

The low-carbon white collar is the popularization of the "Save Maria". Bring your own chopsticks to eat, floor floor not seat elevator, such a life, not only to reduce expenses, but also the main health, life will also be more tasteful.

If you are still throwing money around to show off your wealth, or to show off your luxury goods, then unfortunately, you are out. Fashion and trends have left you. In the post-crisis era, the word "save" is in the forefront.

A. Reduce paper consumption

1. photocopying official paper, literature, business cards and other paper as far as possible to use double-sided printing, and the appropriate amount of printing.

2. used computer report paper, fax paper can be cut into note paper for secondary use.

3. try to avoid purchasing items that are used once and then thrown away, such as non-washable tableware, paper cups, paper towels and other items.

4. use more handkerchiefs to wipe sweat and hands, which can reduce the waste of toilet paper and facial tissue.

5. advocate more "paperless" office, try to use electronic documents, reduce the amount of paper (use more recycled paper products).

6. do not put free side paper, such as must be sent to the individual quantitative.

Second, reduce the rate of pen that is thrown

1. reduce the use of a sex pen.

2. choose a suitable pen barrel that has been used, and then equipped with sufficient refills to be used.

3. try to use a fountain pen to write or sign.

4. use wooden pens do not sharpen the tip too long, before using a spare extended barrel for use.

5. try to use electronic documents.

Third, reduce the inaction of electricity consumption

Set up a reasonable "power use program" for the office appliances, reasonable layout of the power line direction, after the main gate, set up more switches.

1. set a special power line for the computer, a short break, the computer can automatically turn off the monitor; long time without, you can use the computer automatically start "standby" mode; longer without, try to enable the computer "hibernation" mode; office computer settings appropriate brightness, power saving and eye protection; office computer screen saver screen to simple, timely shutdown monitor; you can set the screen saver to "no", and then set the time to turn off the monitor in the power usage program, directly off the monitor than any screen saver to save power;.

2. pay attention to the printer's power plug, not used for a long time, the printer and its server power should be turned off, while the plug out to reduce energy consumption.

3. air-conditioning room temperature to 26 degrees, and turn off the air conditioner 20 minutes before work.

4. promoting the use of energy-saving lamps, replacing incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps, which can save 70% to 80% of electricity.

5. equip each table with a small led energy-saving table lamp, so that with the use of open and close.

Fourth, more drinking water, less waste

1. office building washroom (including pumping room) unified installation of sensor water valve to regulate the overall amount.

2. water boiler for automatic timing insulation type, the staff to develop only half a bottle of water, bring their own small insulation cup; staff interested in making their own drinks at home in sufficient quantities to bring to the post (such as: a variety of soy milk, fresh milk, date water, etc.) that is, to quench thirst, hunger, and fitness and beauty; 3.

3. tea should not be placed overnight, tea stains accumulate for a long time is difficult to remove, to avoid unnecessary scrubbing time and water waste;.

4. to guests to prepare special drinking utensils, reduce the use of disposable supplies. Both environmental protection, but also solemn.