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Office Smart Goodies - Desktop Storage Whiteboard

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Office Smart Goodies - Desktop Storage Whiteboard

As the national standard of living improves, not only are the requirements for quality of life rising, but the quality of the office environment is also increasing. The development of modern technology requires us to serve our work to the maximum extent and maximize our office efficiency through various intelligent devices. At the same time want to create an efficient office environment, naturally, without the help of some office goodies. We work in the end what power equipment to improve our work efficiency? Today to recommend an office intelligent goodies.

Desktop storage whiteboard

This storable desktop whiteboard size: 40 * 15 * 5cm, thick tempered glass panel so that it does not lose stability and at the same time very textured, although the tempered glass material, but the corners are done rounded treatment, do not worry about being scratched by the glass.

Lift the whiteboard to see a mini storage space, which can be placed whiteboard pen, board eraser, cell phone, sticky notes, glue, headphones and other items, space utilization can be said to be very high. This whiteboard is designed to be placed between the keyboard and the computer screen, allowing for a comfortable reading and writing angle.

The long slot on the board is used as a stand for a phone or tablet. The bottom round hole at the back is designed to facilitate the passage of data cables, ensuring that the phone is stored while meeting the need for charging.

So, is this a storage box? White board? Memorandum? Storage cabinet? You decide.