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Office Stationery Development Has Difficult Road Ahead

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Office Stationery Development Has Difficult Road Ahead

Office stationery industry has a broad market is undeniable, while stationery companies should also be aware of the stationery industry indicates that the scenery under the straits, difficulties.

Dilemma one: "cottage" more than research and development

"Been imitated, never been", in the office industry, is not used to describe difficult products, but to describe the ability to imitate difficult. Just a little attention can be found a strange phenomenon, no matter how novel stationery products, there will soon be a "stand-in actor" to take its place. In fact, the practice of stationery manufacturers imitate each other's designs is very common, which also led to serious homogenization of stationery products.

Dilemma two: stationery brands less

The "cottage products" rampant at the same time also reflects the lack of stationery companies in the brand building. For a long time, most stationery manufacturers to OEM form of marketing abroad. Stationery companies generally lack of brand building awareness. This label production, on the one hand, weakened the stationery manufacturing enterprises on the production of R & D design investment, resulting in stationery products technology content and product value-added is generally not high; on the one hand, it is not conducive to the enterprise to create their own brand value, which is also one of the reasons why so far there are not several well-known overseas market stationery brand.

Dilemma three: the lack of awareness of intellectual property protection

In addition to the lack of brand awareness, stationery companies are reluctant to invest in innovation for another reason also lies in the lack of protection of intellectual property rights in the domestic stationery industry. Product creativity, design, R & D investment costs are high, but it is very easy to imitate. If a company spends a large amount of money to launch a creative product, it is inevitable that the cost of design will need to be spread over the product. It is likely that the market should have been obtained by the imitation products with the cost advantage for nothing, and intellectual property rights are not effectively protected, enterprises often lose more than gain. This makes a lot of companies would rather act as an agent for others to process, but also unwilling to spend effort on research and development.

Brand and innovation has always been the stationery manufacturing industry to create the transition of the two weaknesses. However, with the focus on the quality of life, more and more consumers began to pay attention to the stationery brand value, brand culture. In the face of this situation, the stationery market urgently needs to create its own brand, say goodbye to the low-end market, to achieve the transformation from manufacturing to creating.

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