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Office equipment - projector repair and maintenance have a doorway

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Office equipment - projector repair and maintenance have a doorway

Even if the brand effect is high and the quality of the projector is good, it will not never fail; once the failure occurs, I believe many people will try to do it themselves to solve the projection failure, but in the face of those who need to "open up" the big failure, it is recommended that we do not experience and for, after all, the projector belongs to the more sophisticated Electronic equipment, a little carelessness may lead to the entire projector "paralysis", and human-induced "paralysis" failure, many projector manufacturers are not warranty yo! In view of this, for those who can't solve their own big problems, it is best to send the projector directly to the seller or professional repair store for warranty; of course, the projector warranty is not as convenient and simple as the seller promised in advance, once your projector is really damaged when you need warranty, you may find that the projector warranty is not so simple and convenient. However, no matter how difficult it is, we have to bite the bullet and carry on, to get a satisfactory explanation for our projector warranty; now please take a look at the following projector warranty learnings in this article, I'm sure you can gain from it!

Pay attention to the details before the warranty

Although projector products generally provide warranty services, but if we do not pay attention to the details of the warranty when buying a projector, to the projector really need warranty will encounter difficulties, and even can not enjoy the warranty service. For example, when buying a projector, many crooks tend to make a big deal out of the warranty period in order to find wording for not providing warranty service later; generally speaking, the warranty period of the projector should be counted from the day the user buys the projector, in order to prevent crooks from cheating, we must ask the seller to write the warranty period clearly when buying the projector, and it is best to be able to make the warranty period specific to a certain day or date.

The projector is a very good choice for the projector, but the projector is a very good choice for the projector. One more thing to remind you is that the projector box usually has the production business randomly provided warranty card, you should promptly fill it out and mail it to the manufacturer, so that you buy the projector specific data information will be recorded by the manufacturer, later once your projector failure, the manufacturer will confirm your projector is eligible for warranty by checking the records.

In addition, when buying a projector, you should not be greedy for the cheap, to buy a parallel projector or second-hand projector, because the parallel projector is not through the regular sales channels in, its price is cheaper, but because it does not have a warranty card or after-sales service voucher, so once this type of projector damage, the production business will generally refuse to provide free warranty services, when the time The user only has to pay to repair the projector, so the cost of the purchase before the savings all backed up, and may even spend more money to repair the projector.

Be careful to prepare for warranty work

The projector will be eligible for warranty and will need to be strictly checked and audited; in order to pass the warranty audit, we need to do it in advance and do the preparatory work before the warranty, including clarifying the warranty conditions, understanding the warranty procedure, understanding the warranty policy and examining the warranty location.

First of all, you need to find out the warranty conditions. For the same brand of projector, sometimes different models of products warranty service is not the same, there is usually a year warranty or a year replacement, if our projector has exceeded the warranty or replacement time, then the projector even to the salesman or repair station to go, the business will not provide you with free warranty. In addition, during the "repair" or "replacement" process, there may be foul play, such as whether to replace the projector with new or old parts, or to replace it with repaired parts? If it is a warranty "repair", is it a direct replacement of the repaired parts in the inventory to you, or is it just a repair of the faulty projector parts?

The next step is to understand the warranty policy in detail and find a warranty you can trust. Generally speaking, different brands or different models of projectors of the same brand often have different warranty policies; for example, some brands of projectors will provide users with a three-year warranty, but the warranty policy clearly states that the first year of warranty is free of charge, the second and third year warranty requires users to pay a certain warranty fee; there are also projector products that have separate warranty services for specific accessories, for example The projector body has a three-year warranty, but the lamp has a one-year or shorter warranty, etc. For these content varies warranty policy, you must understand in detail, and distinguish whether their projector is currently still in the warranty coverage.

Next, you have to figure out the warranty procedure. To successfully enjoy the projector manufacturer to provide you with warranty services, you first need to buy the projector, the seller to provide you with a warranty card or other after-sales service credentials ready, because the repair station usually only recognize the warranty card and not the person; secondly, to understand clearly whether the local projector repair station or repair store corresponding to the model. If there is no local professional repair station or repair store authorized by the manufacturer, then the manufacturer may require you to send or mail the faulty projector directly to the manufacturer, but who is responsible for the costs incurred in the process, and what if the product encounters an accident in the process of shipping or mailing the projector?

The following requires an examination of the warranty location. Generally speaking, the brand projector products will be set up in medium or above the city professional repair station or repair store, if the projector users are in rural areas or small counties, you may need to send the projector to the warranty location; for safety reasons, this article recommends that you better send the projector to those larger professional repair station, and not to the small repair store, after all, those large repair station has a professional The projector can be repaired there with a safety guarantee.

Beware of entering the warranty trap

The projector will be repaired in a repair station, and the user may also be deceived by the repair staff, some repair staff take the warranty as a guise, through a variety of methods to victimize the projection user, such as looking for a name to charge extra repair costs, arbitrarily The projector's good parts are said to be bad, and the projector's good parts are replaced with poor quality parts. Once the repair station is unable to repair the projector fault, the repairer usually needs to return the projector to the manufacturer for repair, at this time they often use this as an excuse to charge the projector user extra for the round trip consignment; or some projection users call the repairer for home service during the warranty period, the repairer may look for excuses to charge related fees. If you encounter such a phenomenon, you can call the manufacturer directly to complain about them.

In the process of warranty projector, often encounter maintenance personnel casually said that a part of the projector is damaged, need to replace a new part, but to pay a certain extra cost, you should be vigilant; in general, in the free warranty period of the projector, any parts as long as not intentionally damaged, should be free of charge, if the maintenance personnel forced to demand a fee, on the one hand, you should If the repairman forcibly demands a fee, on the one hand you should complain to the manufacturer, on the other hand, we should also strengthen their own learning to improve the use and operation of the projector level, you can also ask friends around familiar with the projector together to the repair station, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of the maintenance staff at will.

Strive for quality warranty

No one wants their purchased projector to fail, but once it does, we should not choose to retreat, but should strive to take various measures to ensure that their projector can get a quality warranty. You can follow the following suggestions to get a warranty for your projector.

The first thing you should do is to deal directly with a handful of people; if you buy a projector that encounters a fault sent to a repair station, I believe most users deal with the technicians first, but many technicians are not very friendly, or the relevant brand of projector after-sales service itself is not too good, they are likely to refuse to provide you with free warranty services on various excuses; when you encounter this phenomenon, you If the other party still acts like they are indifferent, you can complain one level up, I believe this method sometimes gets results.

Secondly, you should make use of the power of the third party; if you have a dispute or a standoff with the maintenance staff, you can ask the local consumer association to coordinate, or give your feedback to the professional media and ask them to help publicize and expose the problem. In addition, for some friends who are not too familiar with projectors, in order to prevent crooks from faking when providing after-sales service for projectors, you can invite some friends who are proficient in projectors to the site to supervise the warranty behavior of the maintenance staff to ensure that they can get quality warranty service.

The third thing to do is to make a note of some important parts. In order to prevent some shady repair technicians from using some inferior parts to replace the quality parts in the brand name projector, we projection users should be prepared in advance to mark down some important parts in the projector, or record the numbered part numbers, and wait until after the warranty is completed to review and check.