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Office paper may cause vision loss

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Office paper may cause vision loss

We often read a lot of office documents at work, and sometimes we even spend several days in these piles of paper. For a long time, everyone will feel uncomfortable and dry eyes, and their eyesight will gradually decline. The important reason for this is that we have long been in contact with office paper. Of course, ordinary office paper will not have too much problem. The problem is too white office paper.

When some businesses found that people use more white paper than ordinary paper in office paper, they began to research and produce whiter paper. They added a large amount of fluorescent bleach to the paper. This bleach is volatile, causing damage not only to the eyes, but also to the human body. Too white paper forms strong light under the reflection of the fluorescent lamp, which places a burden on our eyes and is easy to cause vision loss. If we face this kind of office paper for a long time, it may also cause retinal detachment or other maladjustment symptoms.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that when purchasing office paper, you should choose plain paper and not pursue the whiteness of paper too much. Try not to face office documents for a long time at work. You need 15 minutes of eye rest every hour. Give proper eye care to relax your eyes.