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Office supplies are rising day by day

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Office supplies are rising day by day

Office supplies, referring to the auxiliary supplies used in the daily work of people, mainly used in business units, which covers a wide range of categories, including: file supplies, desktop supplies, office equipment, financial supplies, consumables and a series of work-related supplies. In terms of the industry's revenue composition, among the segments, office stationery accounts for the largest share, at 61%, followed by writing instruments, at 21%. Although the advent of the Internet era, prompting the electronic office has become the mainstream, the stationery industry has been a certain impact, but, in recent years, with the country's growing emphasis on education, the stationery industry has ushered in new opportunities for development.

In the past, the public procurement field often faced poor quality, high prices, low efficiency, corruption and other problems, remove the human factor in the procurement process, improve the efficiency and transparency of procurement has become a common demand of the government, enterprises. Stationery production technology and industry threshold is low, and are mainly concentrated in the low-end product competition, the industry both brand and scale of enterprises are few and far between. Domestic visibility of the higher enterprises only Chenguang stationery, true color stationery, Qi Xin stationery, Deli stationery, etc.. As early as September 2014, the central government procurement center began to explore the establishment of government procurement online mall, aimed at making government procurement more "sunshine" through government procurement e-commerce.

Subsequently, relevant policies have been released, and continue to promote the centralization, e-commerce and sunshine of government and enterprise procurement, B2B one-stop procurement has become the main development trend in the field of office procurement.

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