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Properly Placed Monitors Are Necessary

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Properly Placed Monitors Are Necessary

Entering the E era, high efficiency and fast pace has become the mainstream of the modern office. However, many young people who face the computer for a long time are prematurely aging physiologically, declining physically and weakening psychologically. Computer office workers how to deal with this premature aging syndrome?

Try not to let the back of the screen towards someone's place, because the strongest computer radiation is the back, followed by the left and right sides, the front of the screen but the weakest radiation.

To be able to read clearly, at least 50 cm to 75 cm distance, so as to reduce the damage of electromagnetic radiation. Adjust the relative height of the computer monitor and the seat. When a person's line of sight and the angle to the center of the earth is about 115 degrees angle, the human neck muscles are most relaxed. Ordinary writing desk designed for people to write with their heads down, as the computer desk height is not appropriate, when the Internet for a long time "an" head cervical spine will soon strain. If you do not have the conditions to replace the special computer desk, you can install the computer monitor wise bracket, you can raise and lower the height of the monitor, so that the monitor is in the right position, until the neck feels relaxed.