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Purchasing skills of office tables and chairs

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Purchasing skills of office tables and chairs

In the office, desk and chair is an indispensable office equipment. Good office desks and chairs can not only increase the atmosphere of activities, but also improve the cohesion of a team. What are the skills when purchasing office desks and chairs?

1. Material selection

We also pay attention to the selection of office furniture, desk and chair materials in the office decoration design. The surface texture and mechanism of different desk and chair materials are the main factors that produce different tactile textures. For example, the office chair on the leather surface is relatively smooth and delicate, giving people a noble and gorgeous psychological feeling. The office desks and chairs made of metal have a smooth surface, and the bright appearance gives people a lively, cold and gorgeous psychological feeling. There are also office seats made of sponge, which are generally used in the surface part. The sponge is relatively soft, comfortable, elastic and sedentary without deformation. It is also a good choice. Enterprises can choose appropriate materials according to office function requirements or decoration requirements.

2. Color requirements

Color affects people's psychological feelings, especially the office desks and chairs used every day. Color selection is very important. Color is not only related to people's vision, but also affects everyone's work mood and behavior, and ultimately affects everyone's work efficiency. When selecting desks and chairs in office design, try to choose light color system or cold color system that is simple, concise and lively. Light colors give people a peaceful and quiet mood. These tones can create a calm and rational working environment, give people a calm and introverted psychological feeling, and enable everyone to maintain a stable and calm working mood.

3. Functional design requirements

Whether the height of office desks and chairs is coordinated. If the height matching is uncoordinated and inappropriate, it is bound to affect everyone's working state. In addition, the width of the office desk and chair, especially the width and length of the office chair, should be flat and soft. The chair surface should preferably be a light design. It has a larger seat space, which can give people a free psychological feeling. Taking into account that everyone will be tired after working for a long time, the office chair should have the function of backrest, which is L-shaped design, simple, powerful and vivid. At the same time, the office chair should have the lifting function of 360 degrees rotation, so that the staff who have worked for a day can release the pressure and regain a relaxed atmosphere.