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Stationery launched by luxury brands all those years ago

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Stationery launched by luxury brands all those years ago

The fever of GUCCI opening a stationery store has not yet passed, is your circle of friends being screened by Prada vegetable market again? These luxury brands at the forefront of fashion have time and again refreshed the public's perception of fashion from the unreachable far away, little by little into the public's daily life scenes.

In addition to GUCCI, in fact, many of the "business" of luxury brands have long reached out to the stationery field, in most of the brand's official website, stationery products are divided into lifestyle categories, silently support the layout of these brands on consumer lifestyle. Today, Little Wen Zi will take you to take stock of the stationery products launched by luxury brands in those years, to see whether these products are really worth entering in addition to the gimmick:.

01. Hermes

Hermes is the earlier to enter the stationery field of the brand, the launch of the leather pen has also once triggered widespread discussion. But currently in Hermes' Chinese official website, the stationery category is only left with pens and books around, which are divided into the Art of Living series.

The most eye-catching Nautilus pen, made of anodized aluminum with a brushed stainless steel base, is paired with an exclusive Hermès innovative rotating mechanism opening and closing method to add interest to its use. The Hermes iconic orange gift box also shows its price, but the price of a single one is over 10,000 can you accept?

02. Prada

At present, there is no stationery category in Prada's domestic official website, but its action in the stationery circle is the most popular.

In 2019, Selfridges, a long-established senior department store in London, England, launched a cooperation project with Prada: with the theme of "away from the city, enjoy nature", a variety of both fashion and functional design of goods, and sold in the form of flash stores, including with the popular Japanese stationery brand These include the Traveler's Notebook, TRAVELER'S refill book, brass stationery and other series jointly launched with popular Japanese stationery brand TRAVELER'S COMPANY.

The cooperation with TRAVELER'S COMPANY, Prada came up with full sincerity, not only gave the design in line with the tone of Prada, but also adjusted the price of the products, so that everyone can experience the satisfaction of owning Prada.

03. Cartier

Compared to Hermès and Prada, Cartier is more serious about stationery: there are 62 pieces of pens alone on the official website. Each series of stationery has a unique sense of design and an elegant look, highlighting the user's taste in life.

04. DIOR

Dior has been in the edge of the first line of luxury goods, the performance on stationery is also poor. Not only in the official website of the stationery in the "home - ornaments" category, compared to other products under the home category, the visual design of the book and stationery is only a continuation of the design pattern of the bag, and no outstanding highlights. But compared to other brands, Dior's only price advantage can attract you to open your wallet?

05. Louis Vuitton

LV should be the first luxury brand to produce stationery, as early as a century ago LV realized that stationery is part of the lifestyle: finely crafted leather notebooks, pens and inks with old flower patterns...each of them shows the calm charm of LV.


During Milan Design Week this September, GUCCI store in Milan Via Manzoni 19 for a limited time, this flash store modified from the traditional style, but in the store hidden all kinds of surprises, but also pervaded the magical atmosphere.

During the same period, GUCCI's new lifestyle collection was officially launched in some stores and the official website of China, where a number of stationery stands out: the notebook cover was selected from GUCCI's R & D team and artisans to jointly develop an innovative environmentally friendly fabric Demetra, using the same production process as tanned leather, raw materials mostly from renewable and bio-based sources, advocating an environmentally friendly lifestyle and philosophy.

07. Tiffany&Co Tiffany

Tiffany seems to be keen on launching some strange peripheral products, from paper clips to wire balls, and every new product release is always on the top of the search, making it an excellent marketing case of the month. Tiffany's stationery category is no exception: rulers, business card holders, and even magnifying glasses are arranged in an explicit manner. Although basically on par with other brands in terms of price, the fun nature of not doing business gives Tiffany a lot of points.


As one of the few brands that are serious about stationery and priced within a hundred dollars, the stationery line brand "PAUL&JOE La Papeterie", a collaboration between clothing and makeup brand PAUL&JOE and Mark's, extends the cute atmosphere of the brand from makeup to stationery. The stationery series packaging follows PAUL&JOE's pink dreamy style and of course the brand's iconic floral pattern, full of girlishness!

PAUL&JOE La Papeterie's product line covers note sets, notebooks, letter sets, pen pouches, and handbook peripherals. Every year in August in Japan will officially open the seasonal new products, very worth looking forward to!