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Stationery online stores need to deal with all sides

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Stationery online stores need to deal with all sides

In recent years, with the development of e-commerce, many stationery wholesalers, stationery retailers, and even stationery manufacturers are one after another "touch the network". It is easy to open a store, operating stationery online store is not easy, a little dissatisfaction, customer reviews can make your small store in jeopardy, not only pull down the stationery online store's reputation, but also directly affect the stationery sales. Therefore, many stationery online store owners also need to be aware of the relationship with the courier company, buyers have to take care of. In fact, many of the poor reviews, not the quality of the seller's baby problems, not service problems, but the problem of the courier company, the seller to understand, the buyer more to understand, so that will reduce many misunderstandings.

In addition to product quality, the other key to affect the operation of stationery online stores is the courier company. In addition to greeting with the courier company in the daily, the necessary instructions should not be afraid of trouble, to remind the freight company from time to time. Deal with the relationship with the courier company is not enough, some dissatisfaction is caused by accident, so with patience to give the seller an explanation to reach a consensus of mutual understanding. The following list of common courier problems and situation explained.

1. Express is too slow

No matter what the original courier is too slow, as customers anxiously waiting for the product heart can not be met within the scheduled time, so more or less dissatisfaction will arise. In fact, in addition to SF Express and Postal EMS (non-E-mail) can enjoy the feeling of fast (except in special cases), the speed of other courier is not comparable, generally 2 days in the province, more than 3 days outside the province (generally 3-4 days), more than 5 days there will be buyers say slow, more than 5 days, the reasons are generally the following: 1, just meet holidays, such as the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and other special days, although the courier The usual work, but the delivery operator part of the holiday or delivery of distracted will be delayed. 2., the impact of natural disasters such as weather. Most of the courier is to take land transport, if the way to encounter the impact of the harsh environment, the delay is inevitable. 3, the courier single origin to the destination of the route taken, the transit station is more. Courier companies in order to save costs, convenient management, etc., will set up more than 2 transit stations in each province, if the route transit stations more, the destination will also be 1-2 days more.

2, poor courier service

Some customers respond to the courier service is too poor to find the address and let customers go out to get, there are also reactions to the courier is unwilling to deliver to the upper levels of the situation. In the country, in addition to companies, institutions, schools and other large places, most of the road sign numbers are invisible, and some can not even find the number, so customers can not accurately find the customer's door location. In addition, the home delivery salesman will deliver more than one piece of goods to you, and if he sends you upstairs, he will also delay his responsibility for the safe care of other goods. Therefore, taking these reasons into account, customer service can inform customers in detail so that they understand.

3. Product packaging is not tight

Although before leaving the warehouse, the seller has done a good job of product intact packaging. But the courier company received the courier, will be uniformly loaded on the car, a truck is full, can not avoid the squeeze between the goods, the more down the goods, the greater the pressure, and up and down the car transit several times, there will be a very small number of goods squeezed deformation, broken boxes, etc., so it is not necessarily the seller is not packed tightly enough. Courier companies will also try to avoid, so some sellers will write on the express "fragile", "do not press" and other words, but also has a role.

4. The goods have been dismantled

Sometimes due to the squeeze in transit, transit station cargo picking, etc., will cause the packaging seal torn, the express company will seal again, but the original has changed, but the goods are not less, nor broken, the buyer signed for it to find like being dismantled. As long as the buyer and seller to confirm that the goods fidelity, quality is not damaged, is no problem.

Of course, in the actual sales process, not only the above four situations arise, the courier company in the process of undertaking the transport, there may be lost pieces of the situation or other cases of destruction of the product. Then, sellers have to deal with the facts as appropriate. This requires stationery online stores to improve the response plan for these unexpected situations, in order to play a role in reducing poor reviews and improve stationery sales services.

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