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Store office supplies and improve office efficiency

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Store office supplies and improve office efficiency

Is your desk a pile of data cables? And mountains of documents? In fact, whether your desk is neat or not has a great impact on your mood and happiness at work, and directly affects your work efficiency.

1. Clean regularly, leaving only necessities

The old saying of "breaking up and leaving" is also applicable to the desk. The desk space is small, so the things left must be necessities in the work.

Therefore, we should regularly clean up desktop items, and clean up some expired documents, backed up paper documents and documents that will not be used in the future. At the same time, remember to clean up daily necessities. For example, some broken pens, tea leaves and beverage bottles that have not been drunk for a long time.

2. Small object storage

In fact, the most messy point of the desktop is that the small items are too scattered. Most people's desks have a lot of small items, which are easy to move, but we won't put them back when we use them up, so the desktop looks messy.

Prepare a storage box with many small squares, and store small stationery such as tape, pins and post it notes in the storage box. It is best to put the storage box in the drawer to reduce the use space of the desktop.

Or prepare a layered storage cabinet like a small bookcase and put it in the corner of the desk. Because it is layered and has a large capacity, it can take a lot of things, and the centralized placement of items also makes the desk look more unified.

3. Use the space under the table

If the desktop space is limited, make good use of the space under the desk. As long as several combined storage boxes, and then put in all the things you can't use at ordinary times, you can make a large space for the desktop.

4. Use wall space

If your station is just close to the wall and the boss doesn't object, you can make full use of this wall to store it.

The simplest way is to hang a storage bag or a storage hole board with a hook on the wall to expand the storage space and add some decorative elements to make the office environment more relaxed and pleasant.

5. Data cable storage

Messy data lines are also one of the culprits for the crowded and messy desk. Therefore, computer charging lines, mobile phone charging lines, headphones and other lines should be placed in a neat and uniform way.

The simplest is the fishtail clamp, which clamps the data line in the same way, which can not only unify the line, but also prevent the data line from running around.

6. Place green plants

Put a small green plant on the table. In addition to the green rose, all kinds of simple and exquisite meat are also a good choice. It is not only easy to raise, but also can relieve boredom when working tired, adding a trace of vitality to the busy and boring office life.

7. Place the desk calendar and make time planning

A good-looking calendar not only improves the appearance of the desk, but also facilitates you to check your work plan and holiday time, so as to remind you to plan your work progress.

Source: Yifeng moving company