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Strengthen the management of office consumables and build an energy-saving enterprise

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Strengthen the management of office consumables and build an energy-saving enterprise

In enterprise management, in addition to the management of fixed assets, miscellaneous types and quantities of daily office consumables also need to be managed. A wide range of office supplies consumables, such as pens, paper, notebooks, folders, mice, keyboards, etc. for daily office use. These things seem to be of low value. Good or bad management will not affect the overall situation of enterprise expenditure. However, if the procurement and management are not standardized, it will also bring great losses to the enterprise. Moreover, the process of office supplies management is complicated. How to improve management efficiency is also a problem that enterprise managers should consider.

How many tables and chairs does the company have in stock? How many office supplies were purchased in January? We have a lot of office supplies in stock, but we are still purchasing them? Why did a batch of printing paper purchased last month disappear after only a few days? Which department is the receiver?

Pain points frequently encountered by enterprises when managing office consumables:

1) Difficulty in collecting and statistical management of low value consumables

Generally, the daily office supplies and low-value consumables of small and medium-sized enterprises have been registered and managed by using paper forms. When collecting, the collecting person handwritten the paper collecting form, which is easy to wear and tear over time. In addition, some of the collecting persons' handwriting is difficult to identify, missing or wrong registration occurs from time to time, and the administrator has difficulty in entering the electronic form. In this way, it is impossible to accurately calculate the use cost of each department, let alone carry out further internal control management on the use of office supplies (consumption control)

2) Inventory status can not be known and counted in time, and there is no safety stock warning

The collection status can not be counted in real time, and the inventory in the warehouse is inaccurate, resulting in delayed administrative replenishment and affecting the office experience.

3) Materials are rationed regularly and quantitatively, which cannot be effectively controlled

For example, the materials for regular and quantitative distribution of masks, gloves, epidemic prevention supplies and cleaning supplies are falsely claimed or multi claimed, and the historical claim records are difficult to query and count, and cannot be effectively controlled, resulting in unnecessary waste.

Management scheme for low value consumables of easy points and mobility:

1) More efficient for employees to apply for consumables

The administrator can set the process of consumables collection and distribution (approver, approval node, etc.), and then ordinary employees apply for office supplies on the employee side (fly book, enterprise micro, nail, small program), and then the administrator / department head approves, distributes office supplies, and the employee signs on the employee side. There is no contact in the whole process, and the system automatically records the operation history.

2) Safety stock pre-warning settings, effective warehouse management

a) The system's low value consumables collection and issue are automatically bound to the real-time inventory table, and the item stock can be queried with one click.

b) Easy point and easy move can set the safety stock of each article. When it is lower than the safety value, the administrator can be reminded to purchase and replenish. When it is higher than the safety stock, the administrator will be reminded not to purchase again. So as to avoid excessive inventory of warehouse items and waste.

c) The issue / receipt table can be queried in multiple directions to improve work efficiency.

3) Multi dimensional analysis report to effectively control the consumption of low value consumables

There are various analysis reports in the easy-to-use system: inventory classification statistics, real-time inventory query, receipt / shipment / inventory summary, receipt / shipment / inventory details, inventory collection table, inventory collection details, Department collection cost analysis, inventory application summary, department use cost comparison, inventory aging details, sluggish inventory statistics, etc. The multidimensional statistical report can make the inventory situation clear at a glance. It can also help the administrator calculate the consumption of office supplies of each department, reasonably plan the purchase budget and time, and effectively control the consumption and budget of low value consumables.

Value of management scheme for easy to move low value consumables:

The consumables management scheme provided by Yidian Yidong can greatly help enterprises reduce the expenditure of administrative office expenses, reduce the purchase budget of enterprises, make the office supplies of enterprises more standardized, scientific and efficient, and improve the management level of administrative departments.

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