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The Birth of the Eraser

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The Birth of the Eraser

As one of the common office supplies in our working life, erasers are not only able to erase pencil handwriting, which helps us to improve our office efficiency, but also can be used to clean stains on some furniture items, which is rich in uses. It can be said that the eraser to help us solve many of life's problems. But you may not know, the birth of the eraser, from an "accident".

Before the birth of the eraser, Europeans usually use bread crumbs to erase with pencil handwriting. Until 1770, a British engineer named Edward Naime inadvertently put a small piece of rubber as bread crumbs, to erase pencil handwriting, and accidentally found that the effect is very good, so the eraser was born.

In 1839, an inventor named Charles Goodyear discovered that vulcanization could improve the quality of rubber. Later, people would add sulfur and oil to the eraser to separate the crumbs from the eraser body, and the eraser would remain clean after repeated use.

Today, erasers have evolved into many different materials and functions for different needs of people. For example, erasers made of soft and rough erasers can easily erase large areas; polyethylene-based erasers with a plastic texture are softer than normal erasers and less likely to break paper.