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The advantages of ziplock bags and their uses

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The advantages of ziplock bags and their uses

Nowadays, ziploc bags are widely used in our daily life and the market is expanding. Nowadays, due to the growing demand for ziploc bags, the number of plastic bag manufacturers producing ziploc bags is also increasing. What are the performance characteristics of ziploc bags that make them so popular?

Ziploc bags are an excellent product. They are tough and durable, reusable, can be printed with advertisements and markings on the surface, can be used as refrigerator crisper bags, and have a long service life. Many clothing and food brands use ziploc bags to package their products, which can prevent items from falling apart, play an inducing role and give consumers a neat and standardized image, which is popular among consumers. It can also be reused. Lightly pressed ziploc bag, sealed tightly, non-toxic and tasteless, good elasticity, easy to seal.

This product also has the function of protecting resources. It can transport the useful part of agricultural and sideline products to the city, reduce garbage, greatly reduce the loss rate of agricultural and sideline products, and save circulation resources and storage space. Some ziploc bag packaging materials can also be reused, or used to package other items. You can also collect some beautiful packaging. The convenience and practicality of ziploc bags make many businesses and households prefer it. In the supermarket, many goods and food are packaged in ziploc bags. Many small items in the family are also placed in ziploc bags.

PE ziploc bags can be used for the internal and external packaging of various small items. Ziploc bags made of food-grade raw materials can store a variety of small food, tea, seafood, etc., moisture-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, to prevent items from falling apart; PE ziploc bags can also be used to package clothing and other daily necessities, a wide range of uses. PE ziploc bags can be produced by adding anti-static masterbatch in the production process of blown film. It is usually used in electronic industry manufacturers.

Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, waterproof ziploc bags should achieve the same barrier effect, and its co-extruded film has a greater advantage in cost. Due to its simple process, the cost of the prepared film can be reduced by 10-20% compared to dry lamination and other laminated films. Ziploc bags mainly use high barrier performance co-extruded film of different packaging materials to achieve high barrier effect on oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, odor, etc.