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The choice of school bags

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The choice of school bags

The natural center of gravity of the human body is in the middle, if the head is planted downward represents a forward shift of the center of gravity, which is a manifestation of hunchback. When a child's school bag is too heavy, the head will definitely be tilted forward in order to balance the backward weight of the body on the bag. Over time, children will get used to walking with their chests in their hands. Therefore, it is recommended that: the weight of students' school bags should not exceed 15% of their own body weight. Children should develop the good habit of organizing their school bags every day, and take away the books that are temporarily useless.

Three kinds of school bags are not healthy. The first is the shoulder bag, crossbody schoolbag will make the shoulder side of the force, resulting in uneven force on the left and right shoulders. Plus the weight of the books is not light, long-term will lead to shoulder, spinal strain, and even scoliosis. By the same token, children should not move the double-shouldered schoolbag to the single-shoulder back. The next is the hand-pulled bag, pull bar type schoolbag in recent years, this schoolbag like a suitcase with a pull bar and wheels, can drag away, although the child's shoulders free but make the wrist force. This design makes the center of gravity of the schoolbag is unstable, the child is easy to sprain the wrist when walking while pulling. Lastly, the front backpack, the backpack in the back to the chest, is a common back method on the street, the original intention of this back method is to prevent thieves. If the schoolbag is too heavy, the front back will only increase the load on the waist, making the possibility of lumbar strain injury increased.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a schoolbag that has six points. 1. choose a wide band, with padded shoulders. If there is a weight-bearing belt on the school bag, it is even better to evenly disperse the pressure and not cause too much damage to the back and shoulders. 2. to check the various parts of the school bag inside, to partition more is better. This can play the role of both compartmentalized textbooks and a variety of stationery, but also to make the weight of the bag even. 3. not too many pockets and mesh on the bag, otherwise it is easy to be hooked by sharp objects, causing danger; to avoid too many metal buckles or metal zippers on the bag, too many metal accessories in addition to increasing the weight of the bag, there may be harm to the back. 4. the back of the backpack is best to have soft padding, soft padding has a pit pattern to help The back of the backpack should be padded, the padding is padded to help dissipate heat, so that the child will not "sweat" when carrying. 5. Choose the smallest bag that can hold your child's books and stationery. Generally speaking, the bag should not be wider than the child's body; on the back, the bottom of the bag should not be lower than 10 cm below the child's waist. 6. Choose a school bag made of lightweight nylon or canvas, rather than leather or other heavy materials.