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The way out of foreign trade stationery: transformation to win high profits

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The way out of foreign trade stationery: transformation to win high profits

Foreign trade-oriented Chinese stationery industry in stationery product design has been the continuation of such a state: foreign customers to bring a sample or issue a model map over, ask the stationery factory can produce, if you can, the two sides go on to discuss the price, if appropriate to cooperate. However, with the traditional European market shrinkage, fierce competition, this model is now quietly changing.

In the face of traditional foreign trade model profit margins are compressed situation, Chinese stationery foreign export companies to seek transformation and upgrading more urgent than ever. Many companies confess that the appreciation of the yuan is the "killer" that swallows the profits of enterprises. This year since the rejection of about half of the orders. Before many stationery export enterprises exports accounted for 30%-40% of the total output value of enterprises, this year the figure is less than 10%. The yuan has been appreciating, while foreign investors still adhere to the original price. At present, the stationery industry export net profit of about 10%, exchange rate fluctuations this one to eat up most of the profits.

Worrying is not only the cultural goods manufacturing industry has been greatly affected, other light industries are also coincidentally affected by the impact. Data from the Ministry of Commerce, such as bags, footwear, toy products and other traditional advantages of export industries in the second half of the year since the slowdown in growth. Industry sources said that the current stationery industry foreign trade exports to developing countries trade growth rate higher than that of developed countries, the key products export growth is limited, stationery products mostly maintain low growth, while export growth generally slowed down.

"On the one hand, the general slowdown in product export growth, on the other hand, the industry itself has low prices, disorderly competition and half of the enterprise export comprehensive costs rise." Relevant industry sources pointed out that the stationery industry as the traditional advantages of export industry, although the impact of changes in raw material prices on the cost has weakened, but the lack of labor and the impact of rising costs more obvious. The State Ministry of Commerce spokesman also stressed in particular, the current importing countries trade protectionism has increased, Europe and the United States from the terminal to the network manufacturing set trade barriers, but also caused the stationery products foreign trade environment is unfavorable important factors. Stationery industry if not as soon as possible to transform and upgrade, the road to export will be increasingly difficult to go. At the same time, actively explore the domestic market is also an important way to stabilize the development of enterprises.