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Tips for Healthy Use of Student Stationery

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Tips for Healthy Use of Student Stationery

With the improvement of stationery consumption level, more and more parents and students realize the importance of healthy stationery. In the dazzling stationery market, to choose healthy and safe stationery, consumers must first recognize the brand and look for products with guaranteed quality. But this is not enough, to reduce the harm caused by stationery to children. It is also necessary to master certain skills in order to minimize the damage caused by stationery. Below, Lepusheng Stationery will share with you a few tips for healthy use of stationery:

Wind Oil Essence Rubbing Quickly Removes Correction Fluid

In the process of using the correction fluid, it is inevitable that some liquid will get on the skin, and then you will find that the correction fluid that will be used for a while is difficult to wash off with water. What should we do at this time? A bottle of balm will do the trick, just smear a little balm on your hands dipped in correction fluid and it's a quick wash away.

What's going on? It turns out that the solvent in the wind oil has dissolved the correction fluid. Correction fluid is mainly composed of titanium dioxide, glue and solvent (ethyl acetate); the main components of wind oil are medicine, fragrance and solvent (paraffin oil). Solvents in correction fluids and balsamic oil both play the role of dissolving other substances.

Frequent hand washing can prevent lead poisoning

It is not difficult to find that many pencils and erasers on the market are very bright in color. Some stationery is printed with various cartoon characters, and some stationery is made into a candy. Most of these stationery products cannot find the manufacturer's information. . Lepusheng Stationery suggests that when buying stationery, try to buy light-colored stationery. Because most of the brightly colored products contain too much lead, because the body is not fully French and has less metabolism, children absorb more lead than adults, so children under the age of six are more prone to lead poisoning. To prevent lead poisoning, the best way is to choose stationery produced by regular manufacturers when buying stationery, check the lead content logo on the stationery and try to choose light-colored stationery.

In addition, it should be absorbed in time after using stationery. By washing hands, 90%-95% of lead dust can be washed away, which can effectively prevent lead poisoning. Try not to touch your nose and mouth with your hands when using stationery. Once you feel that the child's behavior, mood, etc. have adverse changes, you should seek medical attention in time. If lead poisoning is serious, you need to remove lead under the guidance of a doctor.

Eye protection is not necessarily eye protection and may aggravate visual fatigue

With the attention to students' health, some stationery has also added health care functions, the most common of which is the eye protection book that claims to have the function of protecting eyesight. In the stationery store, various eye care books are not only of different prices, but also of different quality. The paper color of some eye care books is light yellow, and the paper color of some eye care books is light green. However, some doctors pointed out that these so-called eye protection books not only fail to protect vision, but also aggravate visual fatigue and increase the possibility of myopia.

When reading and writing, if the color contrast of the content is greater, it will look more effortless, and the degree of visual fatigue will be correspondingly lower. The maximum color contrast is "black and white". Correspondingly, if the color of the book is light yellow or light green, the color contrast between the paper and the characters will be reduced, and it will look more laborious, but it will cause eyesight fatigue. If the students themselves suffer from color weakness and color blindness, and often use colored books to write, it may also increase the severity of color weakness.