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Tips to ease stationery inventory

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Tips to ease stationery inventory

When running a stationery store, it is inevitable that you will encounter inventory of goods, and solving the inventory problem is one of the most important concerns of some stationery store owners. How to consume inventory, each shopkeeper has different insights, in this summary of common inventory disposal methods.

A, group purchase processing

At the beginning of the school year or the New Year holidays, it is the development of group purchase business is an excellent period. Many stationery dealers have certain local contacts, you can make full use of these relationships to carry out group buying business. These special periods will be a lot of parents will buy learning stationery for their children, so there must be a group buying market. The group purchase can generate bulk sales, to help clear the stationery supplier inventory has a great role.

Second, special sales

In addition to the unusual sales channels, when it is impossible to digest the inventory. Stores can consider whether there are other sales channels for the target consumer groups. For example, cooperate with companies specializing in acquiring inventory products, or sell to some stores specializing in selling inventory products. With the expansion of sales channels, this part of the store is not limited to ground exchange, but can also realize such transactions on the Internet.

Third, the exchange of advertising

There is no doubt that the investment in advertising can certainly bring some benefits to the dealers, and dealers to advertise many times can also get some support from manufacturers, and even many media advertising in the process of operation can actually be used to offset the goods many advertising companies will buy out some media time slots in order to obtain price advantages, and then resell. But at that time some times did not change hands in time, the advertising agency to recover the capital often agreed to enterprises with partial or full products to offset the advertising costs, while the advertising agency can get the product as a public relations gift or company welfare products to distribute to employees. Not only advertising agencies, but also some media outlets are willing to trade some of their extra advertising time for useful products. In addition, sponsorship or cooperation with well-known events can also be effective in bringing fame to the supplier, in addition to the consumption of inventory products exist.

Fourth, independent consumption

The above ways are suitable for larger businesses to dispose of inventory, so what is a good way for small businesses. I believe that small stationery stores can also use the following independent consumption method.

1. mall low price retail, low price retail and promotion to bring their own part of the customer base, although sales are not large, but a good sales method can still drive a lot of desire to buy.

2. Buy one get one free, many stationery stores in the office stationery new listing or promotion will do buy one get one free activities, or add a portion of the price to give a product, this activity is also very popular, if the brand counter or quite able to attract a portion of the financially savvy friends.

3. online store sales, open an online store specializing in the sale of backlogged stationery, is also a very good way. Not only to bring their own popularity, do store promotion, but also the main sales of their own products. So open an online store is also very good disposal.