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Understand home anti-theft skills

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Understand home anti-theft skills

Home anti-theft measures are an inevitable topic of home decoration. Its importance is no less than the practicability, aesthetics, environmental protection and other characteristics of home decoration. Only by protecting the safety of family and property, home decoration is qualified. Now let's take a look at the anti-theft measures of home decoration?

Anti theft measures related to doors

1. Shielding in cat's eye door

Anti theft door is a common anti-theft measure, and the cat's eye on the door will inadvertently become a tool for criminals to spy on your home. The cat's eye can help the people inside the house to observe the situation outside the door. Similarly, the people outside the door can also spy the situation inside the door from the cat's eye. Although the visibility is poor, once the criminals determine that there is no one in the house from the cat's eye, they can use special tools to remove the cat's eye, go deep into the door from the cat's eye, and then open the door.

It is recommended to install a small shelter at the cat's eye behind the door to prevent people outside the door from peeping into the door through the cat's eye.

2. Travel often with door stopper

When you go out, hotels are the foothold. However, the hotel safety factor is not necessarily proportional to the star rating factor. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night and find a stranger standing by the bed, both men and women, with a door stopper, which can ensure that the door will not be pushed open by strangers to a certain extent.

Basically, the volume of the door stopper is designed to be relatively small and easy to carry. The materials are from metal to silica gel. The installation method is simple and easy to understand. Some don't even need to be installed and can be directly against the back of the door.

Anti theft measures related to windows

1. Frosted paper

The bright glass window brings the sunshine out of the window into the home, but for some houses close to the building, transparent glass can not guarantee security and privacy. Stick a layer of frosted paper on the window, which will not hinder the sun and ensure privacy.

2. Door and window moving lock / door and window alarm

In fact, these two types of products are more suitable for windows. Many burglars pry open the window to enter the room. The mobile lock can fix the sliding window and can not be easily pryed open from the outside. On the other hand, it can also limit the opening size of the window and prevent children from falling from the open window; The alarm is stuck to the window. As long as the gap opened by the window is too large, the alarm will automatically alarm.

burglar mesh

Most of the anti-theft nets and windows are welded with metal. Most families will install anti-theft nets in windows and balconies. However, attention should also be paid to the installation of anti-theft network. In addition to the anti-theft function, attention should also be paid to the escape function.

In many fire accidents, the anti-theft net is one of the reasons that hinder the rescue. When installing the anti-theft net, it is better to choose the one with an escape exit. At ordinary times, lock the escape exit and place the key. Once the escape passage is blocked, you can also get rescue opportunities from the escape exit on the anti-theft net.

Home safety is not only in decoration building materials and furniture soft decoration, but also in preventing external injuries and potential threats. If anti-theft measures are well done, it is safer than anything.

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