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What are the common installation methods of family hidden safe?

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What are the common installation methods of family hidden safe?

1. Embedded is safer than single play

Compared with the bank safe, the home safe is not very big. If it is put alone, it is very easy to be eaten by thieves. Experts said that you can think of the place to install the safe when decorating. When decorating, dig a hole in the wall and embed the safe in the wall. This will be much safer than putting it alone. However, embedded installation also has disadvantages. The general solid wall is only 25cm thick, and the minimum safe depth should exceed the thickness of the wall. After installation, the safe will protrude from the wall, which looks very unsightly and easy to be found. If the thief has enough time, he may pry the safe away with a crowbar. If the house has been decorated, the cost of drilling a hole into the box is very high. Many people are afraid of trouble and have to put the safe slip.

2. Solid screws are safer than embedded screws

Experts said that the current type A1 safe can be installed with solid screws. There are two holes in the middle of the back. Open the door of the safe and install two solid screws through these two holes to fix the box on the solid wall. Each of these two screws can mature a force of 800 kg, that is, only a force greater than 1600 kg can break the solid screw and steal the safe. This greatly increases the difficulty of theft, and is convenient and flexible without drilling holes. When purchasing, you can consult the seller about this installation method, and the seller will provide door-to-door installation service.

3. The key should be separated from the safe

There is no absolutely safe place. Some people like to put it at the head of the bed, some people like to put it in the wardrobe, and some people like to put it in the kitchen or bathroom. However, no matter where it is placed, the back of the safe must be fixed on the brick wall. The appearance is relatively hidden, which can not be seen from the surface. Don't put the key of the safe too close to the safe. It's best to hide it in another hidden place.