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What are the concerns about custom glass whiteboard sizes?

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What are the concerns about custom glass whiteboard sizes?

How to observe the quality of toughened magnetic glass whiteboard customized, toughened glass whiteboard good or bad?

Production whiteboard companies regardless of size, always through some of their own advantages to reflect the value of the product and increase product sales, these companies want to bring customers a quality experience effect, choose a good whiteboard manufacturers custom glass whiteboard will bring what benefits? So how to examine the good and bad of the production manufacturer after the customer proposes a custom size?

Tempered magnetic glass whiteboard is currently on the market more new writing board, it uses a safe and strong explosion-proof glass, hardness is much safer than ordinary glass, the texture is outstanding, so that the conference room or residential d├ęcor overall brighter and with a sense of style. To ensure the safety of your use.

Breakthrough old-style white blackboard material restrictions, whiteboard pen writing will be residual wipe clean problem, so you can permanently wipe to keep clean, bright and do not leave pen marks, and oil-based pen smear only need to be easily wiped with general detergent, will not scratch the corrosion of the surface, the glass is as good as new forever.

A good tempered glass whiteboard surface is delicate, high hardness, low reflectivity, smooth writing, easy to wipe, clear projection, good color reproduction, and good visual effects. Although glass is a fragile product, there are strict packaging and excellent after-sales service to ensure that each product is delivered to you safely.