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What are the gun regulations in the United States

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What are the gun regulations in the United States

1. Owning guns in the United States is legal, which is a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, but not a privilege. Therefore, residents of all States in the United States can buy guns, but according to the management of each state, each state has different types and restrictions on the use of guns.

2. The foundation of the founding of the United States is its declaration of independence. Everyone is born equal is its creed. Therefore, the people have the right to abolish the government against the will of the people. How can this right be realized? At that time, the drafters of the constitution believed that guns were the guarantee, so private guns in the United States were written into the constitution.

3. Of course, in the United States, there are restrictions on the use of guns to ensure the correct use of guns. For example, only U.S. citizens or immigrant visa / green card holders can buy guns. Soldiers and minors with criminal records, mental illness, expulsion from the army and minors are not allowed to own guns.

4. Although there are laws restricting gun holders, at least it is easy for those who can hold guns on the surface. In fact, as long as there is gun trading, criminals will use various ways to obtain guns, which will make it difficult to solve the problem of social security. Although the streets are no longer safe, it is also a feature of the United States. Citizens have the right to hold guns. There are advantages and disadvantages.