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What are the hidden dangers of family safety?

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What are the hidden dangers of family safety?

For adults, they will pay attention not to be scalded by boiling water or hit the corner of the table at home. In short, they will try not to hurt themselves, but they may not have this awareness for children. Therefore, there will be many potential safety hazards in the family, which are more dangerous for children. Next, let's have a specific understanding of the potential safety hazards in the family.

In fact, there are many hidden dangers of family safety. How to check the hidden dangers of family safety?

Check whether the wires in the home are aged or damaged. Whether the electrical circuit is overloaded. Whether the plugs and sockets on the electrical circuit are secure. Whether the fuse used at home has holes and iron wires. Whether the household appliances are used correctly according to the instructions. Whether the lighting lamps are too close to combustibles. Whether to engage in the production, processing and business activities of inflammables and explosives at home.

Whether inflammables are far away from stoves and gas stoves. Whether the ash is completely extinguished before dumping. Whether the gas pipeline is firmly installed and whether the hose is aging. Whether there is air leakage at the gas pipeline and valve. Whether the gas stove is well ventilated. Whether most household decoration materials use flame retardant and non combustible materials. Whether matches, lighters and other items are placed in places that are difficult for children to reach. Before going to bed or leaving the residence every day, whether to unplug the power switch, whether to extinguish the open fire such as incense and candles, whether to turn off the air source switch of the gas stove, etc. Whether the home is equipped with simple fire extinguishing appliances. Whether there is a fire escape plan.

Most families are not equipped with fire extinguishers. A small number of families who have allocated fire extinguishers put them in "non occupied" places such as kitchens and wall corners, and some families don't know where to put them at all. The correct way is to put the fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place such as the living room and bedroom. In case of a fire, you can get it quickly instead of looking for it for half a day.

Most people leave the kitchen briefly while cooking, and some people often leave the kitchen for a long time. For the sake of safety, please don't leave the kitchen at will. After using the gas, please remember to turn off the main switch, not just the gas stove switch. Some high-power appliances in family kitchens are connected to the terminal board, which is easy to lead to excessive current, burn the terminal board and cause fire. Therefore, high-power appliances such as microwave ovens and ovens must be equipped with special sockets.

The whole house can be checked for potential safety hazards. Vacuum cleaners are often used to "carpet search" the whole house to clean up those small things that are not easy to find, such as coins, pins, beads, buttons, etc. The floor is not waxed to avoid falling. TV sets, DVD players and other heavy electrical appliances should be far away from the table, and the bookshelf should be fixed with the wall. The edges and sharp corners of furniture such as table corners and tea table edges shall be equipped with protective pads with circular corners to avoid stabbing others. Do not put hot water, knives, scissors, glass bottles, lighters and other dangerous goods on the table (especially on the low tea table). Don't plant poisonous and spiny plants.

We all know that pesticides are harmful to children, especially to their developing nervous system. It is for this reason that researchers are now turning their attention to the pet anti flea collar worn around the pet's neck. If a child touches a pet's flea collar, the insecticide will penetrate through their skin and into the child's body when the child puts his fingers in his mouth. This is likely to lead to adverse reactions of the nervous system, such as depression, nausea and vomiting. If the condition is serious, motor disorders or cognitive disorders may occur.