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What are the office equipment?

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What are the office equipment?

As the name suggests, office equipment is the relevant equipment of the office. It is an indispensable item in the office. So what are the office equipment? What equipment does the office need?

1. Document input and processing equipment: computer, document processor, typewriter, scanner, etc.

Document transfer device and document output device can be divided into document transfer device and document output device.

3. Document copying equipment includes: plate making and printing integrated speed printer and mimeograph printer, small offset printer, diazo copier (blueprint printer), electrostatic copier, digital multifunctional all-in-one machine, digital printer, light printer, inkjet copier, etc.

4. Document printing equipment includes: laser printer, inkjet printer, needle printer, plotter, etc.

5. Document transmission equipment: fax machine, computer, telex machine, etc.

6. File storage equipment: micro device, hard disk, cloud disk, etc.

7. Document sorting equipment: paging machine, cutting machine, binding machine, punching machine, folding machine, packaging machine, etc;

8. Network equipment: network adapter, router, switch, modem, etc;

9. Communication equipment: landline telephone, network video conference software, teleconference, etc.

With the progress of technology and the continuous new requirements for products due to the refinement of office work, all kinds of new office equipment products emerge in endlessly, and the renewal speed is faster and faster. However, most office equipment belongs to durable equipment based on Electromechanical, so it is common for multiple types and generations of equipment to serve the office at the same time in all kinds of offices.