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What are the office furniture configuration lists in different office spaces?

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What are the office furniture configuration lists in different office spaces?

Office furniture is a necessary appliance in the office environment, which is related to whether employees can work more comfortably. Therefore, it should be considered from many aspects when purchasing.

1.Public office area

Public office area is the place where employees work. Office furniture mainly includes desk and office chair. Generally speaking, the working hours are about 8 hours, but maintaining a posture for a long time can easily lead to various physical and occupational diseases. Therefore, the purchase of desks and chairs should first comply with the design of human mechanics and be comfortable to sit; Secondly, the height should be adjustable to adapt to people of different heights, which can correct people's sitting posture and help people work healthily.

Purchase points: the appropriate height of tables and chairs should enable people to maintain two "basic verticals" when sitting. First, when their feet are flat on the ground, their thighs and calves can be vertical; Second, when the two arms sag naturally, the upper arm is basically perpendicular to the forearm. Only by meeting these two "basic verticals" can employees be more comfortable at work.

2.Leadership Office

The leadership office is an independent office area, and the desk will be relatively larger. One is to meet the needs of more work, and the other is to be more atmospheric. The office chair is mainly a rotatable multifunctional leather chair. Of course, the leadership office will generally set up bookcases and lockers to meet the needs of daily work.

Key points of purchase: when purchasing the desk, check whether there is a gap at the welding place, whether the anti rust treatment, anti-theft mechanism and spare parts are in place; The office chair is better in leather, with better comfort and more style; The bookcase is best made of solid wood, with natural wood color and more cultural heritage; It's best to purchase the lockers together with bookcases, which is integrated and more atmospheric; The safe is used to store important working documents.

3.Conference room

The conference room is a space basically equipped by the company. It is a place for regular work reports, brainstorming and business negotiations. The office furniture required includes conference tables, conference chairs, display boards, etc. The meeting table should be determined according to the number of people participating in the meeting most of the time. It is not good to be too large or too small. The corresponding number of meeting chairs should be configured according to the meeting table. The display board can more conveniently present the meeting content and better communication.

Key points of purchase: the conference room should be concise without too much decoration. Generally, small studios can adopt circular conference tables, while large companies can adopt long or oval conference tables. Generally, the conference tables for ten to twenty people are mainly used, and the size is generally 4.2m * 1.4m. In this way, it will not be too crowded and can be used for good discussion and communication. The conference chair is mainly simple, with moderate soft and hard comfort.

4.Reception room

The reception room is a place for the company to receive customers, showing all aspects of the company's politeness and literacy. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a good first impression on customers, and pay special attention to the layout and furniture selection. This space should present a unified whole. Comfortable sofa and coffee table are essential. A display cabinet can also be placed to place the won honors and awards and highlight the strength of the company.

Purchase points: the leather sofa is more noble and noble, which can make customers feel valued. The tea table and sofa are best matched, which is convenient to purchase and harmonious. In the choice of color, black and Brown are the main colors, which is more dignified and valued. The display cabinet is best made of solid wood, which is more atmospheric.