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What are the types of home security systems?

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What are the types of home security systems?

Home security system

Home security system is a necessity. There are many kinds of home security systems, but most of them are:

(1) Camera: current technology can use motion sensor with camera as a security system. When someone passes the camera, the camera will automatically start recording. If there is a thief's whereabouts, you can record the video and keep the certificate. However, one failure of such a camera is that it has no alarm or automatic police rescue function, such as ring.

(2) Alarm security system: before you leave the house, you can set the password of the alarm security system. When someone enters the house and does not remove the alarm security system within a certain time, the alarm starts to sound and will notify the police to arrive for observation. This security system is the most common and easy to use security system in the United States, such as ADT, lifeshield and vivint. However, such products always have its inconveniences, such as temporarily forgetting the password and failing to release the alarm security system in time, which may give false alarm.

The safety of a family's home is its own responsibility, and it can't rely on others or passive public security. Especially in the United States, the endless cases of burglary and illegal occupation make people panic. Now there are free analysis tools on the Internet, which can recommend the best evaluated home security home security system in the United States according to personal needs (you need to install it yourself or hire a professional company to install it) and your state.

Fire protection system

Referring to the family safety system, people often think of the scene of thief intrusion; However, the alarm system also provides additional protective barriers for homeowners, such as smoke alarms to warn residents of fire. Some alarms will automatically call 911 for residents in case of fire.

According to the US fire department, a small flame can cause a fire in just 30 seconds. Within minutes of the fire, the house will be filled with thick black smoke, making the residents unable to breathe. These two facts alone are enough to create the importance of the safety system. In any emergency, time is the most important factor, not to mention that in the case of fire, a few seconds of fire safety problems may mean death or complete destruction of the house.

Gas leakage detector

Carbon monoxide poisoning (gas poisoning) is caused by colorless and odorless gas in combustion smoke. At home, carbon monoxide can be released from stoves, burning wood or charcoal, or home heating systems and gas stoves.

Carbon monoxide detectors now on the market can automatically detect the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. These small devices are similar to smoke detectors (fire protection systems) and can be purchased separately or as a family safety system. Its function is similar to that of smoke detectors for home alarm monitoring. The advantage of installing these devices as part of the family safety system is that it provides emergency service scheduling and calls medical staff who can treat the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, so that residents can leave the place where coal gas leaks and receive treatment as soon as possible, so as to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.